Monday, December 17, 2012

Enter the wild world of my mind with the new book "Into the Shadows: A Magician's Journey into the Realm of Psychedelics";jsessionid=3B2A18F47B159EED8FE4726087FE20C6

It is an ebook of one of my personal journals where I take a dose of psyclobin mushrooms home grown for me by another magician in order to test the hypothesis that mushrooms have a valid value in the practice of spiritual development and magical work. The journal is a deep insight into the mind of another, it touches upon many ideas, thoughts and insights and can even just be read for the loads of humor and craziness contained within.

I will admit that for me this was a difficult book to release, it is very personal and it is like inviting others to enter and walk around in my head, but the candor, humor, openness and the insights it gives I just could not consign this book to my shelf. The very few who have read the actual notebook journal have all been wow'd through bouts of laughter. I hope you enjoy it as much as they have.