Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vimarone and manifestation

I have had a few ask me about the spirit Vimarone from the book Konstantinos’ “Summoning Spirits”. I evoked him a long time ago and received his techniques that were mostly practice exercises and then later evoked him and he gave me the actual manifestation technique. It works, probably not in the way most “imagine” like an apple or diamond just “poof” falling out of thin air. It is for manifesting, but what it does is produce something on the astral plane that will come into your life. Let us use a random object like a lamp. You perform the technique and in a limited amount of time the world brings you the lamp. You may help a friend move and they decide they are getting rid of some things and there is your lamp, or it could show up at a garage sale for cheap. It will be mundane 99.9999% of the time and every now and then, rarely it will just show up and have no plausible explanation for its existence.

First, get a skrying medium that you are comfortable with. If you are terrible at skrying then you will have to get good at it first. If you have a magic mirror or crystal or whatever good, but get a new one-exclusively for the practice of manifestation. Cleanse and purify it ritually as your beliefs and practices see fit. Then on the first New Moon begin charging it. Go outside and charge your new skrying device with the at first the darkness of the night and the on each consecutive night the waxing Moon. You will imagine the energy and essence flowing down from the sky and filling up your skrying device. Keep doing this every night until the Moon is completely full and see in your imagination the device chocked full of radiant Moon light. After each charge wrap it up in silk or some cloth unused for anything else. If you have a mantra or divine name associated with the Moon or astral plane you feel familiar and comfortable with use that to help along with any other ritual that you typically perform.

Once your skrying device has been charged you are ready to use it. Instead of passively skrying look into the device and once your astral vision kicks in imagine what it is you wish to manifest. It could be a situation, a person, an event, an item, an experience. See it and feel it in the device as if you are experiencing the event as happening NOW. Then once you have finished that experience pick up the device. Repeat again the next night and until it happens recording how long it took from start to manifestation. Start small and with something easily attainable, not the lottery. Maybe a new book on magic you want, or a $20 dollar bill. Work your way up to bigger and more difficult things once it only takes a few days to manifest easily attainable things. Keep working at it and it gets easier and quicker.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update 4-5-13

I was asked to participate in a interview for a book on different magicians. Will do it on Monday. I will see if I can get a section for the blog for you guys and girls to read. If and when it gets published I will put a link up here for everyone to check it out.

That is it for now!

May the 4th be with you!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The End of Scripts

As above, so below. As without, so within. If you wish to divine the nature of the divine look around you and within you. If you want to change the universe, change yourself. Within your mind and soul lies a complete replica of the divine universe. Your imagination, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs produce your world that you experience. The same is true in reverse, the Universe in all its vast complex glory is the image you are produced from, the changes within it effect you personally. The epic march of the planets, their orbits close to and far from each other, make a splendid array of forces and energies, so complicated in their effect that astrologers spend decades studying books and charts to master. Little do they know they could peer within and see the masterpiece of the solar system dance within their very imaginations. Tarot cards and crystal balls, skrying mirrors and runes all teach one thing: The true source of the wisdom is within you. Learn what the imagination produces, what images arise and decay, what moods spark and shimmer and you learn the language of the gods. Once one learns their parents tongue they can speak back, they can question, demand, joke, learn, love. Our divine parents have planted within each of us a language they use every night and throughout the day when we listen. A language of symbols, signs, colors, shapes, brilliance and dimness. I spent years seeking communion with god, I picked up Christianity, mysticism, meditation, psychic development, tarot, occultism, ceremonial magic and so much more until I realized the whole time the voice I sought was not a tongue of man, it was universal, it had to be. All language had to spring from it; the natural world was shaped by it. It was the inner language the first languages of the cave and temple were written in. The Imagination is the true language, far superior to the Babel of earthen man. Learn your true language and speak to the gods, angels, demons and true divinity itself, speak to the very heart of creation, and when you know that language you have that same power that in the beginning spoke and it was so. You have the power to create from yourself, for yourself, to yourself.

The body is the Earth. Think now; imagine all your body as solid as the stones that make the planet. Your soul is the sea. Think and imagine that the essence and life within you is the density of water compared to stone. Your spirit is the wind, think now of the entire atmosphere surrounding the Earth and the density of what stone feels to be, compared to water, compared to air. The divine is the Sun and the Moon, shining their light down, through and into you, enlivening you and inspiring you. Now think of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

This series has all been about scripts. Like robots every one of us runs on certain programs. What we are programmed with is belief, experience, desire, fears, emotions and our environment. We have choices but those choices get limited when we give up our freedom, we close off our view to the variety and excitement of creation and surrender to the flood of our past programs. The only way to be free is to admit you are a robot, but know that you are a robot that can be programmed, by yourself. Determine your programs! Even if they fail, pick and choose your programs and see how they change you for better or worse. They have programming packages, they are called gods. Download them through invocation and study. They have virus removal programs, called banishing rituals and purification rites. They have programs that speed up your hardrive, such as meditation, and ritual magic. How do you begin? Look at the following list:


Think on each one individually and with care, allow whatever thoughts, images and ideas come to you. What gut reactions and beliefs do you have on each topic. Whatever comes up is the result of your programming and either is useful or useless to you. You decide which. You make your own script, you invoke a god specific to the sphere and domain it rules, you meditate and contemplate your new script and that is how you change, grow and develop. All the rest, all the training and riga-ma-roll of magic is bullshit compared to this. Change yourself and change the world. As below, so above. As within, so without. I am not responsible for your development, nor Bardon, nor Crowley, nor any other guy who had enough free time to write some words on paper. Your work is your own, has been and always will be. You can create a entirely unique and workable magic system of your own devising by simply comparing notes between your inner world and the universe. When you have that and want to do magic just imagine what usually comes up when that universal cause shows itself. For example, if the universe is bringing you luck, look within, see what comes up within you for luck. What dreams did you have prior to or during this lucky streak. Bring that up when you need luck and that tells the universe “Hey! Order of Luck here!” and the universe spits out luck.

Really, I know each person reading will have a weeellllll…what about…nope! Magic is imagination and will united like magnetic and electric fluid, like man and woman, like Sun and Moon, like rubbing a lamp and genies, like clicking on a link on a web page.

Now pleases look over my many fine books on magic.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life IS Weird.

Before we begin, go grab a sheet of paper or two and a pen. Go ahead, I will wait.

Got them? Seriously, do it! Don’t wait this is important.

Honestly, stop reading, you will kick yourself later if you do not get up NOW and grab pen and paper.

Thank you.

The world is an unusual place. We sometimes forget that simple fact of the complete weirdness of the universe because we can muddle through life in work, boring daily tasks, ordinary relationships and with our relatively short life spans. Our views of life are limited and can hardly see all of the amazingly complex, unusual, ball-trippingly mind-blowing experiences life has to offer, like a buffet of what-the-fu*$. If you have worked with magic on a regular basis then you have come across how the world can seem so unusual, so malleable to whims that it breaks your brain out of the habit for a time of thinking that your world is normal. I have gone through months at a time that the world seemed like a dream, where thoughts I had would come true in hours or days. Oddly enough with those experiences now and again the brain seeks normality, it likes a cemented, steady, normal world. So, given enough time the brain will try and slip you back into an understandable, regular clockwork world where it won’t have the difficulty of trying to figure out the complexities of deciding whether or not cause and effect is the law of the land or the only reason you did a ritual was because the result already existed and the only way for that reality to exist in a comprehensible universe was for you to say a few funny words and perform some unusual exercises. Honestly, I have had heartfelt discussions with other magicians where we were completely baffled as to whether we did a ritual to cause something or the something that happened caused us to do a ritual to precede it so that our brains could make sense of reality. We have looked at an abstract painting of Chinese letters done in watercolor that seemed like hieroglyphs made to represent an initiation we did a year prior and yet the painting was done 10 years before leaving us to consider maybe the painting was done and caused us to do the rituals of initiation that gave us the experiences and that once we viewed the painting we would realize we did the magic because some Chinese calligraphy artist did a painting of the magician’s girlfriend’s name in Chinese. That all of reality was the whim of a creative artist and that the deepest secrets of the universe where expressed in a few brilliant brush strokes by a non-occult artist for a woman who wanted her name painted and would later meet the man who would have a participation in the occult who would then have a ritual with three other magicians who would then look at the painting a year later after that and seeing a perfect artistic representation of the experiences they had. If you have not had that experience in magic yet then just wait, that is when the real fun begins. So, if magic inspires such weirdness, maybe getting into the “headspace” of the world is weird will cause you to get into the place where that magic is possible? I mean you have not lived if you are confused about the nature of the universe and whether everything you experience as a magical revelation is just yourself communicating telepathically with yourself from the future. So below are a few links to get you to start thinking “What the…”

Yes, a few are comedy articles but as you may know the brain likes to remember something funny over something dry and boring. If that is not enough here are a few pictures to contemplate:

(That last one is the tubes on Mars, google that.)

This is the second to last blog on scripts. Because of the nature of scripts and due to my nature of wanting more each of you to be self sufficient wise magicians I will give you a project. After looking at these links and pictures I want you to write down, this very instant, not later the thoughts you have related to all the above. Make a list; state them in the first person and as a directive, such as “I experience the universe as a malleable, wild and unusual interactive beauty.” Try and write them so that by reading them they transport you into the headspace you have this moment, that everything is not what it seems. Now think back to experiences you have had and tie those into a few scripts. Make sure you do this now, the further in time you get away from the experiences that placed you in the headspace of how malleable and weird the universe is the more other junk feeds into your thoughforms of the moment and rigidity of thought takes over. Make sure you write down some really useful thoughtform scripts on how you at this moment have the doubt reality is all that real, or that your sense impressions, beliefs about history or time are all up for grabs depending on your mood.

Once you have a few scripts down, and feel you have fully captured the full essence of the unusual and weird then you are done for now. Review, study and read these scripts along with the rest on a regular basis until they all sink in to solid beliefs and experiences.

One last blog left on scripts and programming. Take a moment and think on what you are expecting or would like to read. When you know that, decide whether or not you just wrote your own script.

Monday, April 15, 2013


In the early morning when we first wake up, or late at night when we grow weary, we are sometimes faced with the disconcerting feeling of a type of madness. We experience a state where reason and logic have been almost engulfed with the symbolic, with the non-logical or unreasonable mind. The logical mind is a fledgling creation, very recent, hardly tested and often pushed aside. It easily falls prey to its elders the reptilian and mammalian mind. The two older minds have survived much, have been battle tested over eons, in comparison the mind of reason and intellect is but a newborn, albeit a newborn that sprouted quite quickly.

When Hermes was born he sprouted up quite fast, while the other gods took “time” and even training to reach their places, Hermes was born and almost immediately started doing Hermes things. Winged Hermes inspired deception, music, and friendship all in his first day. Messenger of the most high, he delivered the edicts and inspirations from the highest to other gods and to mortals. Jung associates Hermes with the unconscious and as psychopomp. I associate Hermes as the first conscious god, the one who as a shaman had one foot in the deep and one in our world. Born from the ruler of the gods and from a goddess associated with greatness, the Pleiades and a daughter of Atlas we see that the union of those two forces would make something truly amazing. Divine force and the stars is what our minds are made of.

So, this fledgling god, newborn in creation in short order transforms the world through invention, art, science, language, technology, inspiration, and a curiosity so great it spreads across the globe. It takes the reptilian and mammalian abilities and traits and raises them to new levels, it makes sex and turns it into romantic love, it takes violence into martial arts, it takes the animal drives of securing a small part of an environment and builds cities, countries and eventually touches and escapes the grasp of the Earth itself. It does all of this in what geological time sees as barely a day. Our minds are like Hermes.

As great as it is thought it is still not what it can be. Few mortals have developed and attained the highest heights of what can be achieved with this new layer of fat encased in skull. This brain can be conditioned and taught to do nearly anything. It can take totally unrelated things and unite them to make something new and amazing. It can wipe out disease, death, natural forces; it can even peer into the very origins of creation. Just think, in your head right now is something that can; my focused attention, understand the fundamental building blocks and forces of nature and through calculation predict how the universe will behave just as Einstein and Hawkings have done. Isaac Newton and John Dee were both amazingly versed in the occult and men of science. You practice the same art they did and have more knowledge and information available to you then they could have dreamed, all due to the real gift of our human minds…we compound knowledge. Monkeys, as smart and as cunning as they are cannot teach another monkey anything. We can teach, we can grow more and know more in a generation than 10 generations did before us combined.

Lastly we come to the final aspect of Hermes and a useful trait of the mind. Lies. I quote Arthur Conan Doyle in a discussion between Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes:
His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge. Of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing. Upon my quoting Thomas Carlyle, he inquired in the naivest way who he might be and what he had done. My surprise reached a climax, however, when I found incidentally that he was ignorant of the Copernican Theory and of the composition of the Solar System. That any civilized human being in this nineteenth century should not be aware that the earth traveled round the sun appeared to be to me such an extraordinary fact that I could hardly realize it.
"You appear to be astonished," he said, smiling at my expression of surprise. "Now that I do know it I shall do my best to forget it."
"To forget it!"
"You see," he explained, "I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it. Now the skillful workman is very careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic. He will have nothing but the tools which may help him in doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order. It is a mistake to think that that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. Depend upon it there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before. It is of the highest importance, therefore, not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones."
"But the Solar System!" I protested.
"What the deuce is it to me?" he interrupted impatiently; "you say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work."

If you but turn your mind to the myriad host of beliefs, ideas, concepts, theories, facts and useless information that may be clogging your brain you will see that for the most part it is completely useless to just amass facts. Acquire the sense of useful lies. Sure you can know meteorology and how a storm is produced, or you can accept the useful lie that there is a thunder god, or air spirits or whatever. What allows you to do the work of magic better is the one you accept and use.

1. My mind is creative, insightful and perceptive. I receive intuitions from the primitive aspects of my brain and turn that into useful information that helps me grow and develop.

2. The more I use and develop my mind the greater it becomes. I seek new knowledge and new information; I test it and verify it to be sure it is accurate. The more I know the more that is available to me.

3. Magic is a science and an art. It takes diligence, experimentation, trial and error. But most of all it takes passion. I am not afraid to fail. The greatest men alive failed many times, what makes them different than the unknown others is they LEARNED, and did it better the next time.

4. What another can do, so can I. No one is better or greater than me. The only person I truly compete with is myself, on being the greatest I can be. The only way to achieve that is to practice daily, to experiment and learn.

5. Those who explore and seek new things are the drivers of development and human history. If not for the first proto-human climbing down from the trees to see if they could make it none of us would have achieve anything more than the best lice-picker off of our ape clan, or best banana peeler. Step down, move forward, let not the fear of the beasts call you back. The new brain can master fear.

6. I am a piece of a greater whole that is furthering evolution. My use of my brain in order to become something greater than the average human will help move us all into something more. I help others and guide them to grow with me because if we do not all make it, none of us do. I lead by example to show the rest that it is better to leave the safety of the past and venture out.

7. My experiences, my beliefs become my actions. I cannot do anything I do not think I can achieve. I must plan, consider, experience in myself the change I want and then cause it to happen. I take in the evidence of my senses and make judgments based on the facts. What I think is what my experience is filtered through.

8. My thoughts are mine, inspired by the highest infused with billions of years of evolution but mine. The operating system it runs on is one of the highest functioning machines on the planet. This brain, this mind is my own. I control it. I am open to opinions, suggestions, and ideas for consideration and thoughtful discussion but in the end I own my life and it is my own. I choose my thoughts carefully.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Most people think about sex on a fairly regular basis, memories, fantasies, desires, plans for the weekend, mistakes, whatever. So, if thoughtforms work why do they not magically summon the one thing most people think about almost hundred times a day? The answer is of course, they do! Ever notice how a woman who always finds terrible boyfriends keeps getting them even when she complains that she hates how they treat her? Ever wonder why the guy always dreaming about his dream girl never finds her? It is because they are getting exactly what they have programmed their thoughtforms to do. The poor woman through whatever reason and experience does not understand relationships and love any other way, she wouldn’t understand dating a nice guy trying to date her if he marched around her with a sign! (I swear to you, through junior-high and high-school I had the biggest crush on a girl, I would talk to her daily. We rode the bus together. She was very quiet, nice and shy and she now and then talked to me. When we graduated I tried asking her out on a couple dates and it never clicked. I found out she liked jerks and I was the nice guy. Nearly 8 years later I met up with her and right out of every fantasy I had she just blurted out “God, I was such an idiot, you were perfect and I missed out on you, everything I never knew I wanted until it was too late because now you are married.” But by then the fantasy was over, I let that old flame go because I found my TRUE love.) So, that should tell you about the dream girl. They stay a dream until you wake up and let them go, the fact is you have programmed your thoughts to see this dream “other” (sorry for the sexism I figured one example for each sex even though either can be swapped and of course homosexual relationships count equally well) as a fantasy, something beyond touch, beyond possibility. Instead of an honest assessment of what you want and will seek, you have a “relationship” with a dream. I knew a guy once who was caught up on this ideal woman even though he was socially awkward, lived at home, had the game of a dump truck and was shy beyond belief! The crazy thing was he was a handsome man! Several people commented on how he looked like a certain celebrity but he goof-balled his way through the compliment and said he hated the celebrities work! Then when a woman showed up that nearly everyone around him thought was a perfect 10 (if she would have been a foot taller she would have actually been signed as a runway model) showed interest in him he came up with excuse after excuse on why he did not like her (finally I just magic’d his ass so he could learn about love, and he did, and it did not turn out like a story book but he was a much happier and more confident guy after.)

You pick what you really want, one way or another. Really evaluate your relationships, desires; what makes you happy, what turns you on and what you really want in a partner. Super sexy is over rated, a best friend you would want to sleep with every night of your life is really where it is at. Now don’t get me wrong, I am just preaching to the souls looking for love, to those of you looking for fun just alter the script a bit. But know this, while I am no prude, not by a long shot I might add, you will never have as much fun as having fun with someone you love.
Evaluate yourself; compare what you want to what you have to offer. For the most part women are evolutionary designed to seek a strong, confident mate, one who makes her happy and can provide for her and any offspring. I am not saying all women want to marry the first dude they meet that has those qualities but it is the same level of desire for men when they look at a woman who has a great body ratio, nice hips and a nice chest. You may not be thinking about procreation, just some practice runs is all, however the reason you feel that passion is because for millions of years those are the body signals that screamed “I can bare your children, spread your genetics, and I will not die sickly! See! Look how healthy I am!” So men, next time you complain how women just seem to want to settle down, money, and jewelry know you are being just as material when you want a woman with curves or nice assets…

ANYWAY, enough about the more scientific biological aspects of procreation or the drive to practice that recreational activity. Let us ponder some scripts and ideas to re-program ourselves to make the best out of our relationships and get the most joy from our interactions with the sexual partner we choose.

1. Confidence is sexy, confidence is a way of thinking and turning those thoughts into actions, those actions create beliefs, I am confident so I am sexy. My body produces pheromones that signal to potential mates that I am either for them or not for them; I do not begrudge another for not picking up my signal. Their genetics like mine are seeking specific combinations the conscious mind may not understand; I trust my instincts and my passions.

(The above images are like the cosmic letter D illustrated, imagining this force in your aura really can draw attention.)

2. Being myself is the best chance of finding someone I will enjoy being with. If I act in ways that are not true to myself, go to places I hate, do things I do not enjoy anyone I meet in those situations will most likely be someone I will not get along with or like me for who I truly am.

3. I deserve to be happy, to find love, to be sexually satisfied. Sex and pleasure are natural. Pleasure is a biological response signifying that what is being experienced is good and should be savored. It is my biological right to be happy and satisfied.

4. Divinity has four equal aspects, one of those is love. To experience love is to experience divinity. While the one bringing the experience may not be divine the experience is. Do not confuse the message with the messenger, feel the love, enjoy it, know it is divine and give thanks to the messenger in what is best fitted to them so they may receive their message.

5. Others deserve joy and pleasure as much as I do. To be pleasured is good, sometimes one can receive more pleasure than they expect by pleasing others. One does not need to be a slave or subservient, one simply should make one’s self available to pleasure another or at times simply allow another to find their pleasure when it is not to be found with you. Letting go is hard but worth it many times.

6. Creation was made from a catastrophic explosion of separation, sense that time things have been uniting and dividing, creating new things, growing, expanding and giving life. The universe has done this without judgment or condemnation. The universe does not look down on Carbon bonding to other elements why would it look down on me for bonding with other aspects of creation to grow and develop? Everything about me was crafted, forged and bound together in great passion. All music, art and literature were made from uniting and pairing divinities and vulgarities together in inspiration and awe. I am like the universe and great artists.

7. What I LOOK for is what I see; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a certain type of loveliness attracts my eye, I do not let another judge me or my eye. What may be the appearance of a rough stone to one may be the very image of the divine goddess to another.

8. The universe loves me and wants me happy and pleasured, because that feeling spreads throughout all of creation, it makes wonderful, beautiful, amazing things happen. Love and beauty are all about me, let me look with loving eyes upon all creation and let the passion of burning stars flow from my loins, purified by my Holy heart and shone through the windows of my soul out on all I behold. I allow others to experience my gaze and feel divine pleasure from my presence if they will accept my free gift. I give life, love and inspiration as a gift to all for I am connected to the infinite and have infinity to spare. My cup is never empty and satisfies any who but taste it.

9. (I am not a biblical man but for me this Bible quote is perfect for the idea of love. I mean true love.) Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Life force, vital force, chi, odic force, all are different words for the same energetic experience: the living energy force. On a microscopic scale each “atom” of vital energy is like a tiny sparkler one can get for the Fourth of July.

The macro-scale vital power is of course the Sun. The person who aligns their imagination to the idea of being like a brilliant sun, and follows that imagery all the way down to the cellular level imagining each cell as a brilliant sparkler is well on their way to producing a aura of health.
About a month or so ago I was experimenting with this very simple experiment on healing and health in which one imagines the aura as it is, monitors what areas need attention and once one finds an area that is not illustrating or feeling the experience of health then one simply imagines it healthy (return to the first script in the series where one imagines and commands it to be so and it is so). This is done by knowing what a healthy aura looks like. Alex Grey gives two lovely examples of the solar like rays shining forth. Imagine them like stiff hairs radiating from

the very core of your being and following along the shape of your body. I did this with a shoulder that had been hurting me for quite some time and literally the next day it was better. Interestingly enough a few weeks later I was at my parents visiting them when their Labrador/greyhound mix got out of the house, I foolishly tried chasing it in wet grass slipped and braced my fall with my arm I had healed and sure enough it hurt for the next week in the same spot until I said to hell with it and healed it again. So far it is still healed.

So, you know have a mental image of what vitality looks like, you have the macrocosmic ideal to connect it with (the Sun) and you have a state-experience image in your mind of what perfect health looks like in an aura. As you roll these ideas and images around in your head, attach emotional-feeling experiences. Try imagining what it is like to radiate such perfect health others feel amazing in your presence. Imagine being a microcosmic Sun. Imagine seeing that Sun within others and your presence inspires other’s Suns to shine brighter in harmony with yours.

1. My Father is the Sun, my Mother is the Moon, the Wind carried me in her belly, the Earth nourished me with life.

2. I am healthy, dynamic and powerful. The rays of my energy are brilliant and strong. I am healthier than anyone I know; I at this moment feel a surge, a warm potent wave of light flow through my every limb, saturate every cell and glow with life.

3. I draw life from the divine image of the God and Goddess represented physically by the Su and Moon. When I see the Sun I feel the life giving power flow into me, when I see the Moon I feel her loving kiss on my check or forehead blessing me with life. Their energies harmonize within me, I am perfect.

4. Others experience the radiance I produce and they wish to bask in my light as Sun Worshipers bask in the Sun. I give nourishment and inspiration. My inner light is so brilliantly fierce others experience it in whatever way is best for them to do so.

5. Illness, weakness, disease and death are burnt away by my presence like melting flakes of snow once the spring arrives. They have no hold over the light of the Sun.
6. All things radiate vital energy, and just as I can control my vital force, so does the vital force of all other things heed my command.

See, speak, feel and experience these statements and allow your imagination to devlop these concepts. With thoughtform magic using the scripts as a basis for producing clumps of thoughts that work as magical programs the more intense, pervasive and connected with other thoughts the better. For example. Let us say you have several strong thoughts and beliefs about being really healthy, well a tiny little thought about illness will be unable to stand up to such an onslaught of life force and be burned away. Whereas the same healthy groupings of thoughtforms may be slightly weakened by a grouping of negative thoughts, and ideas of illness. Someone who is a hypochondriac will easily accept a thoughtform of illness and it will rapidly grow and breed new thoughts of pains, weakness and illness.
The more developed, vitalized and accepted a thoughtform-program is the more difficult any counter or opposing thought can enter and propogate. Like hating a certain color. You have tons of experiences, memories, and reasons for disliking a certain color. If someone walks up and says “you should like X” when X is your least favorite color of all why on earth would you accept that. Now, if they said, oh my the color X makes you look so handsome/lovely/ makes your eyes shine, etc then all of a sudden they have placed a thought that is acceptable (someone finds me attractive--yet in a color I dislike…maybe I should reconsider the dislike of said color) See how this game is played yet? You must think of thoughts as living things, striving to survive, propogate, mate, expand, ravage and rule other thoughts. Once you get that thoughtform accepted you begin to see on a deeper level how magic works.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Law and Order (Dun Dun)

The magical universe is just like the physical universe; it follows certain laws and has an order to it. These laws are discovered in the same ways the laws of the physical universe are found out. Observation, hypothesis, experimentation are the foundations for discovering and utilizing magical theory and putting them into application. Sometimes these laws are quite simple and mundane. Take for instance a job I had when I was 19. I was what was commonly called a “go-fer’” I would go for this and go for that, I worked at a shooting range and basically be in charge of repairs, cleaning, maintenance among many other duties to numerous to list. When business got slow I would sweep and mop the store front. That is when I noticed, the minute I had almost finished mopping business would boom. We would have not a single customer all day, but once I had almost finished mopping customers a plenty would rush through the door. So, if I applied this bit of magical insight and wanted customers I could mop the floors and in a sense this was a ritual to summon customers. While doing the daily things of life observe patterns and things that seem to repeat, that is where you can make the most simple ritual work for you. It goes without saying that this works on a macro-level scale as well, you can change the universe through the most simple of rituals by following prescribed rules and order.
But where do you discover these rules, laws and order? From within! As above, so below, as within so without. What is within you on the micro level scale corresponds to what occurs on the macro level scale which can feel like solipsism at times. An example of this that is more humorous than really useful is when I watched MST3K “Manos Hands of Fate” with my wife and told her, “You know what, Hollywood loves remaking really good movies because; hell, it’s easy! What they should really do is remake really bad movies (this being considered one of the worst movies of all time, up there with Plan 9…)” Sure enough almost a few months later I hear that Rob Zombie is planning a remake of the film (this was a few years back and it seems he has dropped the idea.) While this was not magical in the least (I had no real will behind anyone remaking such a bad film and on top of that I hate Rob Zombie movies) you probably have had experiences like this as well. You think of an idea and it occurs in some way, leaving you pondering where was the origin, did you manifest your will or did you receive a cosmic thought about a really crappy movie? Is there a difference?

1. As above, so below. As within, so without. By observation I discover how things change and manifest within me and my sphere which allows me insight on how to perform rituals that will cause change in the universe in accordance with my will. Mastery of this allows me to enact rituals within my mind that can cause changes in the world.

2. If I work with the laws of nature, the rules of magical correspondence then all of nature works with me in my goals. If I feel inspired to work magic that is a sign the universe is moving me and is working through me to produce results, I am an agent of the divine, my work is to bring about change, I am a medium of the divine mind and will.

3. My mind is connected to the eternal, my imagination is a reflection of the astral and mental realms, what I think and imagine is produced and moves things towards manifestation into the physical plane.

4. Everything I experience was once imagined and produced. This is magical. The chair I sit upon was once in the mind of another, that person manifested their will and imagination. This screen and computer which I am reading these words on is and was created and maintained by the wills and imaginations of many. There is nothing around me that was not shaped, crafted or made wholesale from the mind. Including myself.

5. The universe follows laws and order. These laws come from the mind of god which I am a part of. Nothing can break the natural laws and order but there is a near infinite amount of things that can be done within these laws and orders so that the universe manifests my desire. There may only be 7 colors in a rainbow and three primary colors but within those choices lie an infinite range of hues, shades and tones. Limitation gives rise to greatness.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The bottleneck at the end of the cave.

We spiral down from the highest abstract magical powers and thoughts to more concrete reality and thoughts. We do this because we are developing the big thoughtform we call “magic” reprogramming it in big brush strokes and then moving in to fine details. If we did this the other way with small details first and later bigger brush strokes those fine details may get lost and lose context. To really empower a magical thoughtform, start out big and then go in deep with details.

Around 100,000 years ago (Think of the amount of changes in human thinking and culture from the time of Jesus 2000 years ago to this moment and multiply that by 50) There was this thing called an Ice Age. Imagine your nice comfortable climate and surroundings and imagine that over time (OK a long stretch of time, it was not like a wall of ice showed up one morning when it was nice and tropical the week before.) it was getting colder and colder. The world as you knew it was ending, animals where migrating permanently south in valleys and areas that still kept them warm, fleeing the monolithic cold that was stalking all life, seemingly strangling the warmth and life from the planet in one vast blanket of ice. You and your tribe of proto-humans are following the livestock you feed upon as they make their way south. For all intents and purposes life is getting harder, almost nightmarish. Where animals and you had plenty of comfortable room from predators, now everyone was getting cramped. Life was getting harder to make it out alive. It took the best and brightest, the fastest and the most cunning to survive in order to pass on the genes to the next generation. Probably very good and kind early men, women and children suffered and died in horrible ways like starvation, rival tribes, huge ass bears and tigers, not to mention snakes that could slither up your nice hiding spot in the tree. Out of this limitation and hardship something new blossomed, something that would transform the planet. Symbolic thought arose. There is a good possibility that due to the cramped quarters there were more mushrooms than previously available that allowed early man to have visionary experiences that probably changed lives. The ones best suited for these experiences and high on the mushrooms that granted better visual acuity for hunting meant that early man got hardwired in a special way that allowed him to create concepts and ideas, to imbue the living world around them with meaning. To realize that the concept of mind existed within them and in nature. Magic and religion were formed.

70,000 years ago something possibly even worse happened. A huge volcano erupted and the after effects laid waste to many species. Imagine dark and ash filled skies, starvation, the fear and wonder at the horrors around them. The human population went through what is called “The Bottle Neck.” All of humanity was decimated down to possibly 2,000 people. Imagine a small college, that was the population of man, you could put all mankind in one stadium and they could all sit comfortably. You, me, everybody is related to these 2,000 or so people. Now, these poor souls were not all together, they were spread out over the whole world. Imagine how lonely that was! You know what happens when populations get small and conditions get rough and barely survivable? Evolution. You see, when you have a large population any advantages that occur in the population are usually not earth shockingly impressive because they quickly get lost in the mix, it all gets averaged out. But, lets say you are a female and you must choose between a mate, you have two choices, a guy that has some amazing skill and can provide for you and your children in what seems to be the fucking end of the world or the average ho-hum guy who does not really excel in anything. That’s right kids, we are born and bred from winners, you put early man in a shit-storm of bad luck, hard times, death, misery and challenges and we walked away like a hero walks away from an explosion, not looking back and all in slow-mo and probably a bad-ass theme song.

Limitation. From limitation and hardship flowers innovation, heroism, mythic deeds, new skills and abilities. This is the force behind Saturn, the great dark slow moving, plodding even force of nature. The Grim Reaper, the night full of terrors, the nightmare under the bed and in your closet or better yet, the deep shadow in the cave that our ancestors traveled deep inside of to be initiated into the spirit realm. We come from people that saw the scariest, winding, death soaked caves that had fear just hanging out inside and our ancestors said “Home, safety, temple!” That is how you approach Saturn, which is how you face terror and death and the unknown, your very annihilation, you say “Home sweet fucking home!” So with all that in mind, here is a simple script:

When I approach fear, the unknown and that which seems to limit me, I face it, I own it, I make it mine, I pass through it and it is now a part of my power, my might, others experience me and they can feel how I have overcome all that they cower from. I conquer. For from limitation comes greatness.

The Four

Before we begin the second group of scripts I would like to go over a wee bit of theory on why I am making these scripts for your use. In magic one of the foundational ideas on how magic works is thoughtforms. Thoughtforms are bundles of energy on the mental plane that can contain at least a single idea all the way up to complex memetic structures (like “Bigfoot” or “UFO’s”) these thoughtforms feed off of attention, use, and vital power and by applying emotional energy to them they can manifest astrally in someones character or personality, dreams, magical rituals, or altered states like walking through the woods (Bigfoot). So, the idea behind these scripts is to produce within you the reader and practitioner of said scripts the proper and most empowering thoughtforms in order to produce the best results in magic.

By developing and holding these ideas as powerfully as one holds the ideas of political affiliation, favorite foods, Television shows that are enjoyed, sexual orientation (fetishes and turn-ons that excite you) then they will produce the equivalent results in your daily life and magical activities. For a everyday, real world example let us imagine someone who has accepted and developed the thoughtform of “confidence” there may be no real world experience to back up this person’s belief other than they have filtered all experience through the lens of “How awesome I am” or “I am good at X” or “People like me” (All three produce an even greater and more complex thoughtform). Even if they get contrary information it is filtered out as “haters” or “they just don’t know how great I really am” or “Given time they will see”. They completely buy into the belief. This belief produces an aire of confidence that others pick up on, it motivates them to do things that people without that thoughtform would not or could not do. It pays off. This is the same product I am selling you, accept these scripts, develop these thoughtforms and they will pay off, they will give you the experiences they related to their field. You do not need to reach step 10 Bardon, train in a Buddhist monastery or become grand Pooba of some magical order to achieve any of it. You accept the ideas and thoughts as true and results follow. If you accept any of the scripts accept this one “Magic is easy, too damn easy.”

1. All the power in the Universe was and is a tiny and miniscule near nothing to the power of divine omnipotence. Imagine a infinity of power, of raging, potent might, a burning sun with no end. The universe from the big bang, until this very moment was created with a certain amount of energy, that energy in comparison to the divine will, is a mere speck, smaller than a dust mote of power. Imagine some throw away thought in your head some passing idea that never will occur again, that is the amount of effort involved in the divine will producing every force, power, galaxy, solar system and star of creation. That power flows through me, you, and everyone every second of the day. There is not one action or activity that is not fueled by the divine will. I have the divine will flow through me, the divine will moves and causes all things, from the movement of a speck of dust to the march of a nation to war, to the burning of a sun, to the spiral of galaxies all is moved by the divine will of which I am, I am power, might and creation. The explosion and power of the Big Bang is within me, I am the agent of creation and my will is the will of divinity, the will of divinity is my will.

2. All of creation is love. Divinity resides in everything; it soaks every cell, every atom, every moment through all of space-time. You cannot separate divinity from creation; it is its foundation, its structure and its purpose. Divinity is the experience of beauty, love, harmony, and it is there at all times. Like a parent loves a child, like a good husband loves a wife and a loving wife loves her husband it nurtures, guides, corrects, inspires and moves all things to eventually become one, to unite and feel bliss. All experience is divinity enfolding you in it’s arms as a mother wraps her arms about her first-born child, cradles and suckles her in order for the child to grow and develop into its perfection. Divinity loves all for it is all. Think of the love you hold for yourself when you are happiest and feeling loved, without need or want. That tiny little experience is the microcosmic experience of what divinity feels for itself and therefore all things. Divinity and the universe is in love with you and feels the pangs of that love on an infinite scale just as you want union with your beloved so creation wants UNION with all things. It craves all things to be as one and experience bliss as you wish to make your beloved feel bliss. I am love, I am the great heartbeat of divine love pumping life, and love to all parts of creation of which I am. I enwrap myself in a great enfolding of comfort, nourishment, life and love. I give the best and most beautiful to all of creation. All things deserve love and development so they may experience what true love and bliss are, so all boundaries will dissolve and we all experience my Unity.

3. All thoughts, all ideas, all streams of conscious and unconscious mental activity are all sprung from divinity like rivers connection to a infinite ocean. Your mind is but a pond in this vast waterworks. This water is the same water that exists in the sea, in deep caverns, in the rain that falls to refresh the waters, in all things (for our purpose don’t think freshwater-saltwater, just imagine water) Imagine all of it is united, streaming and sourced from the vast infinite ocean of thought. You can at any time paddle up that river and wade out into the vast ocean of thought. All is connected. The thoughts in your head, the head of a man a hundred miles away, every gnome, salamander, undine and sylph, every god, demon, archangel and spirit, every blade of grass connecting and moving to the direction of the Sun, every cell coping and dividing information that makes a new cell, all of it is a flowing stream of thought and information from the divine intellect. I am connected to all; I hold all things, all thoughts spring from me/divinity.

4. Consciousness is the experience and awareness of what is going on now. Omniconsciousness is the experience of all things, great and small. Imagine all creation as a translucent hologram within a vast dark sphere of your mind and within you. Matter is just thought structures in your mind, time is just a concept moving that translucent illusion forward and backwards as you will. You are the eternal mind observing this hologram. Because your thoughts are momentarily (for several decades compared to trillions of years) focused on the activities and actions of one tiny aspect of that hologram (your body, environment, personality) at the ending of that hologram, its deletion from the activities of the whole in no way effect you. You are the eternal, the all, even if every hologram that represents creation was destroyed in a cataclysmic holographic explosion, this in no way troubles you. You are beyond the image, the illusion. You played all the parts, set the program in motion and watched all things unfold. The creation and destruction of all things is a matter of an eye blink to a dog, it means nothing. How can anything destroy you when all there is is you? Eternal, immortal, able to be intimately interacting with the tiniest particle, the philosopher contemplating, the hawk flapping its wings, the tree growing, the mountains moving and crumbling to sand, and also you can zoom out and look at the whole of creation, a ghostly blue image to you, intricately woven, seen through and through, totally of your devising. I am all things and more, I am no thing, I am eternal and infinite, I hold creation in my mind. All the universe is merely a whim of my thought and desire to be creative. I am everything within the hologram; all is merely me in my many guises, roles and at play. It is all so I may learn about myself and grow. This growth is eternal. I have no end.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Avrah KaDabra

You should all be familiar with the famous magic word abracadabra. And some may even be familiar with one of the possible origins of the word the Arabic Avrah KaDabra which means "I create as I speak" very magical indeed! What I propose is that this was a mantra of sorts designed to induce a magical state of thinking. It will be the focus of our first step in magical programs to better help your magic succeed and reach new levels.

The ...ahem... few times I have induced an altered state of consciousness with certain substances (ever drank coffee? Ate chocolate? Don't judge then) The major thing I noticed was how easily one slips into a magical state of mind, in which the idea that one can create reality or transform one's sphere of sensation as easily as thinking or speaking is completely accepted. So, like a good magician I copied the energetic signature and mental programs that went on during such states for use in magic when I would be without such aids in inducing altered states. The following would be the "scripts" for the particular memetic structure for magical thinking (which for the daily experience of life is wholly troublesome, this is a state that should be turned on and off otherwise you will be burnt out with all the crap you create and experience, treat this as special and to be used only when "magic time" is about to begin).

1. My thoughts are real. On some level either mental/astral and/or physical the act of thinking creates a force or field of energy composed of the nature of said thought. If I think of "Happiness" a thought-form is produced by me with the complete and full experience of happiness which can interact and change an environment by its nature of existence. In daily non-magic thinking I do not experience this, but during magical thinking what is thought is created as a god creates. "Fiat Lux" stated mentally during a magical thinking session produces light. I experience this light on some level and it is real.

2. Magical thinking-Will-Imagination are completely linked when doing magic, I do not have to "build" a thought-form up to do magic. I think or say what it is I wish to be true and it is true. Example: If I was drawing in a certain element, if I use a magical state thinking method I do not sit there and draw in the element by single breaths. I simply imagine or will myself to be full of the element and it is so. Imagination like when I was a child, the floor is lava, I wish it to be lava for this game, I will act as if it is lava and suffer the consequences and rewards of that action for the duration of the game, when the game is over the floor was never lava and always a floor, during the game the floor has always been lava and no concept of "floor is not lava" could possibly be true.

3. If I skry while in magical thinking state then I simply imagine the scene I wish to experience and it is there, there is no doubt because I am experiencing it moment by moment. I think and it is so, this powerful simple statement resounds on all levels and corners of my being. If I think I am a god then at that moment I experience divinity, if at this moment I think before me stands a great arch-demon then it is so, If I then think upon some magical current of the elements I can wield it and direct it as I choose. My mind can encompass all eternity and the universe can be held in my hand. If I wish to experience an atom then I think of doing so and my experience matches my thought. Thought=experience is all there is.

4. In this state I am confident, loose and relaxed, I own my experience, I am the center of all things, a thousand genies could not match my ability to produce what I wish, eternal angels could not in all their might combined move against me if I set myself against them. A thousand hosts of devils can be kept in place by a simple desire for them to stop. I own this state and my power. I am a creator and I experience the all.

5. Doubt is a pathetic and ridiculous creature cowering before me in this state, it cannot even look me in the eyes much less speak to me of what cannot be, how could it wield any power over me as I can do and experience any and everything I think. It wobbles off wounded and broken waiting for me to release my power and return back to everyday thinking, but even then it has it's grip loosened and barely holding on to my mind.

6. My thoughts, feelings, experience are all one in this state. This is a truly magical state that all magics are open and available, there are no secrets, no mysteries, no illusions. Only I and my experience.

7. Time and space are at best putty to my mind, my mind has always been and always will be, I can be in many or all places, or outside the universe. I can stop, slow down, reverse, speed up time to my liking. There is no force or power that can resist my simplest thought.

Meditate on all of these concepts and try to get into a head-space that all of this is perfectly true to you. When you do this is the magical state, this is where you should do your magic, your training your work as a magician. If you are not in this space you are driving a car with two wheels missing. It may be moving forward but it is not the best way to go. Achieve the state and lock it in, make it a ritual so that with a word, gesture or ritual process the state en-wraps you with it's thinking process and the state comes alive.

Avarah KaDabra my friends!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Great Council

So recently I was talking with my friend Chris (used to be my student but is now a fully fledged ass-kicking magus of his own)and he was telling me about this book written nearly a century ago called "Think and Grow Rich" and how he just happened to pick it up just to check out the concepts in it. Well he was surprised to find how laden it was with simple, direct occult exercises in it. He brought it to my attention that it was a thinly veiled manual to practical magical work. I checked it out and sure enough it has to be one of the most plainly written occult manuals I have ever read. Google it and you can read it for yourself.

One section I would like to discuss in this book is a section where the author directs the reader to imagine a conference room. In this conference room one would imagine people from history that were perfect examples of qualities or traits the reader wants to develop themselves. In the book it explains how the author did the technique for several years and had many results that were beyond simple "imaginings" even having one of his council members appear before him in person! This excited me to no end because one of the practices in our upcoming books from the HMS is to create a place where one meets and works with the gods and spirits in order to help them work magic. I will not detail the exact methods from the order but will give a version of it here for your experimentation and development.

Imagine your conference room (it can be a great hall, a chamber of magic or whatever you like.) within that room imagine 7 people who from history or fiction (or even your own makings as long as they are well developed and exemplify the proper aspects) each representing one of the spheres on the tree of life. Spend several weeks every day entering your chamber and letting these 7 people show as they will but show they must. You are the director, the leader of this group. To each of the 7 tell them clearly and directly what it is you wish them to teach you, guide you in and aid your development in. Over time you will notice their character becoming more developed and beyond mere imaginings. You will want to do research on each person and know them well. Let each have their own voice, mannerisms, qualities and character. When you can easily see that each appears as an individual begin dialogue with each, ask them questions, seek their wisdom and blessings. Know that each one is a representative of the sphere you chose them from.

This should give the creative and intrepid magic worker plenty to work with and a spring board for creative ideas. You can add people who represent the elements, magical traditions, even great magi of the past. Whatever gets you excited. Remember magic is not about following some perfectly prescribed exercise to the letter, it is about creativity, imagination and what turns you on.

So, go check out "Think and Grow Rich" it has a few amazing ideas. See if you can find how the author describes the "true will" or Bardon's missions from providence (they are the same thing essentially, what your purpose is for incarnation and what one does with the magical qualities and development they have in order to bring about what divinity needs on Earth.) Als, see if you can find where sigil magic would fit into his work.

Good magic to you!

P.S.: I am planning on writing up a few "programming scripts" or ideas and thought complexes that will benefit magical life. Still rolling it around in my head and fine tuning it, but almost done with the rough plan.

P.P.S: Should start working again on book 2 of the HMS. I started a couple months ago but took a break to write "Telesma" and work on some magical experiments that I thought bore on these works a great deal. Almost ready to crank back up.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hey gang!

Just thought I would throw out some updates.

Sorry about the long wait on the second part of the training. I was working with the talismans for "Telesma" and after I had so many magical results I had to catch up. I got a new and better job with less hours and more money so I will be moving back home soon and this allows me to work with my magical group again regularly, so big pluses!

I also started another round of my archangels of the spheres work. I do this every few months and it is really my means of magical growth, discovery and the great work. After a week of meditations with Sandelphon she filled my brain up with some amazing magical techniques and work. One of which was a healing technique that was so simple and obvious I feel dumb for not making it up myself. You see for the past 4 or 5 months I have had a wicked pain in my right shoulder, it hurt daily and any time I moved it to a certain height. I tried purely physical methods, did some sigil work and then just vital force. Nadda! I spend 10 minutes using this exercise and the pain was gone and I have full range of motion, just incredible results.

I just joined reddit so if there are any reddit fans out there you will probably be seeing me post here and there on the occult subreddits under "justinbthemagician"

The yahoo group experiment seems pretty dead so I will be deleting that shortly, probably tomorrow I imagine.

Other than that, that is it! Hope all is well in the lives of my readers! Good magic to you all!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


On sigils and glyphs

Those of you who own my work The Book of Power know a really great way for producing sigils and glyphs to work magic that is unique compared to what is usually offered from other sources. Recently I discovered yet another amazing exercise for creating sigils that I thought I would share with you free of charge, the system was created by the grandfather of sigil creation A. O. Spare, I present it here with more directness and clarity. My techniques found in Book of Power can be used in addition to it as well. The really great thing about the exercises presented here is that it can create a personal magic system of your own that creates a developed internal map of your being. Also, this system will be a part of the system I am publishing and working on that started in The Wanderer. It will be more developed and advanced within the frame-work of the Tarot system and will be presented in the work The Traitor (classically the card is called The Hanged Man).

1. The first requirement is a regular use and familiarity with a tarot deck. The deck used should be one that has worked for you in being an oracle and has offered many insights and has provided accurate predictions. This is key because by using this deck and it having shown time and again that it is accurate means the symbolism within the deck has meaning to your unconscious mind or soul. If you do not have a tarot system in place or do not read tarot cards this practice will not be of much use to you, however you can get any book on tarot cards and use the meanings in the book for each card as a basic map of what they represent in order to work this system, you will just have a bit more work to put into it.

2. Take each card and use it as a focus for meditation and to be a prompt for automatic drawing. Take the card and place it in front of you. Review each symbol and aspect running through its meaning in your mind. Think about when this card appears in a reading what does it mean will occur. Write down every key word that pops into your mind. Try and exhaust every thought that pops into your mind when looking at the card, only when every aspect of the card has been written down on paper should you move forward.

3. When you have every keyword possible relating to the card on paper begin to do an automatic drawing or doodle the images that occur to you on the page or several pages. Just keep focusing on the card and the keywords and draw, sketch and doodle. If you are unfamiliar with automatic drawing, essentially what you are doing is the same if you were on the phone and bored with the conversation and began to make little doodles on a page, no real conscious effort, just drawing whatever comes up, like your hand is more in control than your conscious mind. Think about being bored in class and drawing in your notebook. That is essentially what is required, except you have primed your unconscious mind with the ideas related to the card you are working with.

4. Do steps 2 and 3 with every card. When completed put the pages up for at least a few day to a month. You want a complete conscious disassociation with what you drew. When you really cannot remember what you drew than go back to the work.

5. Take the pages out and look at all of the keywords again. You will notice many cards overlap in meaning. Several will have strength or health as associations. Put these pages together. Some will be used in two or more categories though. Take for instance dreams, symbolism, and fantasies may also have some connections to love, inspiration and beauty. What you are to do now is to take the overlapping theme of a single keyword, say “Nobility” and find all the images you made that relate to that idea. So on a single page place the word at the top and go through your images and redraw the doodles that came up for nobility, royalty, kings, queens, etc. You will probably end up with a total of 30 or so single concepts utilizing many drawings pulled from the previous doodles created. If you would like to add the exercises from the Book of Power to make a sigil or glyph add it now.

6. For these single related concepts look at the doodles you made. Review the images and find lines or forms that repeat for that concept. You may find a certain squiggle or shape that was made for the kings, in the queens, in the Emperor and Empress show up again and again, that squiggle or shape is the sigil or glyph your unconscious mind relates to the concept of “Noble”. It should “feel” right or just call to you. Make a journal and write Noble = and then draw the sigil. Repeat for all of the concepts.

7. Uses! Now it is time to put these sigils into practice. You can now make a personal tarot deck with these singular keywords or concept sigils as the card image, read as you would for a normal tarot card. The intuitions and predictions will be much more insightful now that the symbolism is totally from you. Magic: by selecting a particular card and focusing on it in a ritual or magical context you empower the sigil to go to work, because it is from your personal programming and unconscious and has been purified and rarefied from the process the magic will be amazingly accurate and quick. Evocation: By meditating on the sigil and focusing on the force you draw up the energy and partial intelligence within you relating to the symbol in order to directly communicate and work with the force it represents. This allows deeper insights into the self and into the universe.

There are many uses to this system and can even be used for specific magics not obviously shown in the tarot cards. Take invisibility for example; take keywords you relate to the concept of invisibility or stealth and work as you did with the cards. You can even add sigils together from the one you made for the tarot to the case specific magic in order to create a more developed thought-form. Use your imagination and creativity, explore, experiment and you will find all sorts of uses!

Monday, January 14, 2013


The newest work by yours truly!


within you will find glyphs and talismans for:
magic-occult power
divine light
psychic abilities
sorcery, hypnosis, illusions
astral projection
life, fertility
fae spirits
respect, honor
curses, destruction
love, marriage
The spheres and planets

Also the newest never seen before telesmatic images of the archangels, kundalini, and divinity

magical images to assist in working any magic possible and a telesma to aid in skrying!