Friday, March 15, 2013

The Great Council

So recently I was talking with my friend Chris (used to be my student but is now a fully fledged ass-kicking magus of his own)and he was telling me about this book written nearly a century ago called "Think and Grow Rich" and how he just happened to pick it up just to check out the concepts in it. Well he was surprised to find how laden it was with simple, direct occult exercises in it. He brought it to my attention that it was a thinly veiled manual to practical magical work. I checked it out and sure enough it has to be one of the most plainly written occult manuals I have ever read. Google it and you can read it for yourself.

One section I would like to discuss in this book is a section where the author directs the reader to imagine a conference room. In this conference room one would imagine people from history that were perfect examples of qualities or traits the reader wants to develop themselves. In the book it explains how the author did the technique for several years and had many results that were beyond simple "imaginings" even having one of his council members appear before him in person! This excited me to no end because one of the practices in our upcoming books from the HMS is to create a place where one meets and works with the gods and spirits in order to help them work magic. I will not detail the exact methods from the order but will give a version of it here for your experimentation and development.

Imagine your conference room (it can be a great hall, a chamber of magic or whatever you like.) within that room imagine 7 people who from history or fiction (or even your own makings as long as they are well developed and exemplify the proper aspects) each representing one of the spheres on the tree of life. Spend several weeks every day entering your chamber and letting these 7 people show as they will but show they must. You are the director, the leader of this group. To each of the 7 tell them clearly and directly what it is you wish them to teach you, guide you in and aid your development in. Over time you will notice their character becoming more developed and beyond mere imaginings. You will want to do research on each person and know them well. Let each have their own voice, mannerisms, qualities and character. When you can easily see that each appears as an individual begin dialogue with each, ask them questions, seek their wisdom and blessings. Know that each one is a representative of the sphere you chose them from.

This should give the creative and intrepid magic worker plenty to work with and a spring board for creative ideas. You can add people who represent the elements, magical traditions, even great magi of the past. Whatever gets you excited. Remember magic is not about following some perfectly prescribed exercise to the letter, it is about creativity, imagination and what turns you on.

So, go check out "Think and Grow Rich" it has a few amazing ideas. See if you can find how the author describes the "true will" or Bardon's missions from providence (they are the same thing essentially, what your purpose is for incarnation and what one does with the magical qualities and development they have in order to bring about what divinity needs on Earth.) Als, see if you can find where sigil magic would fit into his work.

Good magic to you!

P.S.: I am planning on writing up a few "programming scripts" or ideas and thought complexes that will benefit magical life. Still rolling it around in my head and fine tuning it, but almost done with the rough plan.

P.P.S: Should start working again on book 2 of the HMS. I started a couple months ago but took a break to write "Telesma" and work on some magical experiments that I thought bore on these works a great deal. Almost ready to crank back up.


  1. Hei JB!
    Great post!
    I use a similar method for four years with great results!
    Im waiting your book 2 of HMS, this will be a great book!

    So a question, what number of books the HMS will have?

    1. Thanks!
      There will be 3 books besides The Wanderer that just describe a single major. The fourth with have all the rest of the majors.

  2. This is really awesome.

    I'm the guy who asked you about how to incorporate my interest in occult history into my magic and this is perfect. Thanks Justin!

    Could one even use these people as representatives of the planetary forces in regular magical work once you've developed them?

    1. Glad to help!

      Yes indeed, this is a very useful method to do for the spheres.