Tuesday, January 22, 2013


On sigils and glyphs

Those of you who own my work The Book of Power know a really great way for producing sigils and glyphs to work magic that is unique compared to what is usually offered from other sources. Recently I discovered yet another amazing exercise for creating sigils that I thought I would share with you free of charge, the system was created by the grandfather of sigil creation A. O. Spare, I present it here with more directness and clarity. My techniques found in Book of Power can be used in addition to it as well. The really great thing about the exercises presented here is that it can create a personal magic system of your own that creates a developed internal map of your being. Also, this system will be a part of the system I am publishing and working on that started in The Wanderer. It will be more developed and advanced within the frame-work of the Tarot system and will be presented in the work The Traitor (classically the card is called The Hanged Man).

1. The first requirement is a regular use and familiarity with a tarot deck. The deck used should be one that has worked for you in being an oracle and has offered many insights and has provided accurate predictions. This is key because by using this deck and it having shown time and again that it is accurate means the symbolism within the deck has meaning to your unconscious mind or soul. If you do not have a tarot system in place or do not read tarot cards this practice will not be of much use to you, however you can get any book on tarot cards and use the meanings in the book for each card as a basic map of what they represent in order to work this system, you will just have a bit more work to put into it.

2. Take each card and use it as a focus for meditation and to be a prompt for automatic drawing. Take the card and place it in front of you. Review each symbol and aspect running through its meaning in your mind. Think about when this card appears in a reading what does it mean will occur. Write down every key word that pops into your mind. Try and exhaust every thought that pops into your mind when looking at the card, only when every aspect of the card has been written down on paper should you move forward.

3. When you have every keyword possible relating to the card on paper begin to do an automatic drawing or doodle the images that occur to you on the page or several pages. Just keep focusing on the card and the keywords and draw, sketch and doodle. If you are unfamiliar with automatic drawing, essentially what you are doing is the same if you were on the phone and bored with the conversation and began to make little doodles on a page, no real conscious effort, just drawing whatever comes up, like your hand is more in control than your conscious mind. Think about being bored in class and drawing in your notebook. That is essentially what is required, except you have primed your unconscious mind with the ideas related to the card you are working with.

4. Do steps 2 and 3 with every card. When completed put the pages up for at least a few day to a month. You want a complete conscious disassociation with what you drew. When you really cannot remember what you drew than go back to the work.

5. Take the pages out and look at all of the keywords again. You will notice many cards overlap in meaning. Several will have strength or health as associations. Put these pages together. Some will be used in two or more categories though. Take for instance dreams, symbolism, and fantasies may also have some connections to love, inspiration and beauty. What you are to do now is to take the overlapping theme of a single keyword, say “Nobility” and find all the images you made that relate to that idea. So on a single page place the word at the top and go through your images and redraw the doodles that came up for nobility, royalty, kings, queens, etc. You will probably end up with a total of 30 or so single concepts utilizing many drawings pulled from the previous doodles created. If you would like to add the exercises from the Book of Power to make a sigil or glyph add it now.

6. For these single related concepts look at the doodles you made. Review the images and find lines or forms that repeat for that concept. You may find a certain squiggle or shape that was made for the kings, in the queens, in the Emperor and Empress show up again and again, that squiggle or shape is the sigil or glyph your unconscious mind relates to the concept of “Noble”. It should “feel” right or just call to you. Make a journal and write Noble = and then draw the sigil. Repeat for all of the concepts.

7. Uses! Now it is time to put these sigils into practice. You can now make a personal tarot deck with these singular keywords or concept sigils as the card image, read as you would for a normal tarot card. The intuitions and predictions will be much more insightful now that the symbolism is totally from you. Magic: by selecting a particular card and focusing on it in a ritual or magical context you empower the sigil to go to work, because it is from your personal programming and unconscious and has been purified and rarefied from the process the magic will be amazingly accurate and quick. Evocation: By meditating on the sigil and focusing on the force you draw up the energy and partial intelligence within you relating to the symbol in order to directly communicate and work with the force it represents. This allows deeper insights into the self and into the universe.

There are many uses to this system and can even be used for specific magics not obviously shown in the tarot cards. Take invisibility for example; take keywords you relate to the concept of invisibility or stealth and work as you did with the cards. You can even add sigils together from the one you made for the tarot to the case specific magic in order to create a more developed thought-form. Use your imagination and creativity, explore, experiment and you will find all sorts of uses!