Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hey gang!

Just thought I would throw out some updates.

Sorry about the long wait on the second part of the training. I was working with the talismans for "Telesma" and after I had so many magical results I had to catch up. I got a new and better job with less hours and more money so I will be moving back home soon and this allows me to work with my magical group again regularly, so big pluses!

I also started another round of my archangels of the spheres work. I do this every few months and it is really my means of magical growth, discovery and the great work. After a week of meditations with Sandelphon she filled my brain up with some amazing magical techniques and work. One of which was a healing technique that was so simple and obvious I feel dumb for not making it up myself. You see for the past 4 or 5 months I have had a wicked pain in my right shoulder, it hurt daily and any time I moved it to a certain height. I tried purely physical methods, did some sigil work and then just vital force. Nadda! I spend 10 minutes using this exercise and the pain was gone and I have full range of motion, just incredible results.

I just joined reddit so if there are any reddit fans out there you will probably be seeing me post here and there on the occult subreddits under "justinbthemagician"

The yahoo group experiment seems pretty dead so I will be deleting that shortly, probably tomorrow I imagine.

Other than that, that is it! Hope all is well in the lives of my readers! Good magic to you all!