Monday, March 18, 2013

Avrah KaDabra

You should all be familiar with the famous magic word abracadabra. And some may even be familiar with one of the possible origins of the word the Arabic Avrah KaDabra which means "I create as I speak" very magical indeed! What I propose is that this was a mantra of sorts designed to induce a magical state of thinking. It will be the focus of our first step in magical programs to better help your magic succeed and reach new levels.

The ...ahem... few times I have induced an altered state of consciousness with certain substances (ever drank coffee? Ate chocolate? Don't judge then) The major thing I noticed was how easily one slips into a magical state of mind, in which the idea that one can create reality or transform one's sphere of sensation as easily as thinking or speaking is completely accepted. So, like a good magician I copied the energetic signature and mental programs that went on during such states for use in magic when I would be without such aids in inducing altered states. The following would be the "scripts" for the particular memetic structure for magical thinking (which for the daily experience of life is wholly troublesome, this is a state that should be turned on and off otherwise you will be burnt out with all the crap you create and experience, treat this as special and to be used only when "magic time" is about to begin).

1. My thoughts are real. On some level either mental/astral and/or physical the act of thinking creates a force or field of energy composed of the nature of said thought. If I think of "Happiness" a thought-form is produced by me with the complete and full experience of happiness which can interact and change an environment by its nature of existence. In daily non-magic thinking I do not experience this, but during magical thinking what is thought is created as a god creates. "Fiat Lux" stated mentally during a magical thinking session produces light. I experience this light on some level and it is real.

2. Magical thinking-Will-Imagination are completely linked when doing magic, I do not have to "build" a thought-form up to do magic. I think or say what it is I wish to be true and it is true. Example: If I was drawing in a certain element, if I use a magical state thinking method I do not sit there and draw in the element by single breaths. I simply imagine or will myself to be full of the element and it is so. Imagination like when I was a child, the floor is lava, I wish it to be lava for this game, I will act as if it is lava and suffer the consequences and rewards of that action for the duration of the game, when the game is over the floor was never lava and always a floor, during the game the floor has always been lava and no concept of "floor is not lava" could possibly be true.

3. If I skry while in magical thinking state then I simply imagine the scene I wish to experience and it is there, there is no doubt because I am experiencing it moment by moment. I think and it is so, this powerful simple statement resounds on all levels and corners of my being. If I think I am a god then at that moment I experience divinity, if at this moment I think before me stands a great arch-demon then it is so, If I then think upon some magical current of the elements I can wield it and direct it as I choose. My mind can encompass all eternity and the universe can be held in my hand. If I wish to experience an atom then I think of doing so and my experience matches my thought. Thought=experience is all there is.

4. In this state I am confident, loose and relaxed, I own my experience, I am the center of all things, a thousand genies could not match my ability to produce what I wish, eternal angels could not in all their might combined move against me if I set myself against them. A thousand hosts of devils can be kept in place by a simple desire for them to stop. I own this state and my power. I am a creator and I experience the all.

5. Doubt is a pathetic and ridiculous creature cowering before me in this state, it cannot even look me in the eyes much less speak to me of what cannot be, how could it wield any power over me as I can do and experience any and everything I think. It wobbles off wounded and broken waiting for me to release my power and return back to everyday thinking, but even then it has it's grip loosened and barely holding on to my mind.

6. My thoughts, feelings, experience are all one in this state. This is a truly magical state that all magics are open and available, there are no secrets, no mysteries, no illusions. Only I and my experience.

7. Time and space are at best putty to my mind, my mind has always been and always will be, I can be in many or all places, or outside the universe. I can stop, slow down, reverse, speed up time to my liking. There is no force or power that can resist my simplest thought.

Meditate on all of these concepts and try to get into a head-space that all of this is perfectly true to you. When you do this is the magical state, this is where you should do your magic, your training your work as a magician. If you are not in this space you are driving a car with two wheels missing. It may be moving forward but it is not the best way to go. Achieve the state and lock it in, make it a ritual so that with a word, gesture or ritual process the state en-wraps you with it's thinking process and the state comes alive.

Avarah KaDabra my friends!