Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Law and Order (Dun Dun)

The magical universe is just like the physical universe; it follows certain laws and has an order to it. These laws are discovered in the same ways the laws of the physical universe are found out. Observation, hypothesis, experimentation are the foundations for discovering and utilizing magical theory and putting them into application. Sometimes these laws are quite simple and mundane. Take for instance a job I had when I was 19. I was what was commonly called a “go-fer’” I would go for this and go for that, I worked at a shooting range and basically be in charge of repairs, cleaning, maintenance among many other duties to numerous to list. When business got slow I would sweep and mop the store front. That is when I noticed, the minute I had almost finished mopping business would boom. We would have not a single customer all day, but once I had almost finished mopping customers a plenty would rush through the door. So, if I applied this bit of magical insight and wanted customers I could mop the floors and in a sense this was a ritual to summon customers. While doing the daily things of life observe patterns and things that seem to repeat, that is where you can make the most simple ritual work for you. It goes without saying that this works on a macro-level scale as well, you can change the universe through the most simple of rituals by following prescribed rules and order.
But where do you discover these rules, laws and order? From within! As above, so below, as within so without. What is within you on the micro level scale corresponds to what occurs on the macro level scale which can feel like solipsism at times. An example of this that is more humorous than really useful is when I watched MST3K “Manos Hands of Fate” with my wife and told her, “You know what, Hollywood loves remaking really good movies because; hell, it’s easy! What they should really do is remake really bad movies (this being considered one of the worst movies of all time, up there with Plan 9…)” Sure enough almost a few months later I hear that Rob Zombie is planning a remake of the film (this was a few years back and it seems he has dropped the idea.) While this was not magical in the least (I had no real will behind anyone remaking such a bad film and on top of that I hate Rob Zombie movies) you probably have had experiences like this as well. You think of an idea and it occurs in some way, leaving you pondering where was the origin, did you manifest your will or did you receive a cosmic thought about a really crappy movie? Is there a difference?

1. As above, so below. As within, so without. By observation I discover how things change and manifest within me and my sphere which allows me insight on how to perform rituals that will cause change in the universe in accordance with my will. Mastery of this allows me to enact rituals within my mind that can cause changes in the world.

2. If I work with the laws of nature, the rules of magical correspondence then all of nature works with me in my goals. If I feel inspired to work magic that is a sign the universe is moving me and is working through me to produce results, I am an agent of the divine, my work is to bring about change, I am a medium of the divine mind and will.

3. My mind is connected to the eternal, my imagination is a reflection of the astral and mental realms, what I think and imagine is produced and moves things towards manifestation into the physical plane.

4. Everything I experience was once imagined and produced. This is magical. The chair I sit upon was once in the mind of another, that person manifested their will and imagination. This screen and computer which I am reading these words on is and was created and maintained by the wills and imaginations of many. There is nothing around me that was not shaped, crafted or made wholesale from the mind. Including myself.

5. The universe follows laws and order. These laws come from the mind of god which I am a part of. Nothing can break the natural laws and order but there is a near infinite amount of things that can be done within these laws and orders so that the universe manifests my desire. There may only be 7 colors in a rainbow and three primary colors but within those choices lie an infinite range of hues, shades and tones. Limitation gives rise to greatness.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The bottleneck at the end of the cave.

We spiral down from the highest abstract magical powers and thoughts to more concrete reality and thoughts. We do this because we are developing the big thoughtform we call “magic” reprogramming it in big brush strokes and then moving in to fine details. If we did this the other way with small details first and later bigger brush strokes those fine details may get lost and lose context. To really empower a magical thoughtform, start out big and then go in deep with details.

Around 100,000 years ago (Think of the amount of changes in human thinking and culture from the time of Jesus 2000 years ago to this moment and multiply that by 50) There was this thing called an Ice Age. Imagine your nice comfortable climate and surroundings and imagine that over time (OK a long stretch of time, it was not like a wall of ice showed up one morning when it was nice and tropical the week before.) it was getting colder and colder. The world as you knew it was ending, animals where migrating permanently south in valleys and areas that still kept them warm, fleeing the monolithic cold that was stalking all life, seemingly strangling the warmth and life from the planet in one vast blanket of ice. You and your tribe of proto-humans are following the livestock you feed upon as they make their way south. For all intents and purposes life is getting harder, almost nightmarish. Where animals and you had plenty of comfortable room from predators, now everyone was getting cramped. Life was getting harder to make it out alive. It took the best and brightest, the fastest and the most cunning to survive in order to pass on the genes to the next generation. Probably very good and kind early men, women and children suffered and died in horrible ways like starvation, rival tribes, huge ass bears and tigers, not to mention snakes that could slither up your nice hiding spot in the tree. Out of this limitation and hardship something new blossomed, something that would transform the planet. Symbolic thought arose. There is a good possibility that due to the cramped quarters there were more mushrooms than previously available that allowed early man to have visionary experiences that probably changed lives. The ones best suited for these experiences and high on the mushrooms that granted better visual acuity for hunting meant that early man got hardwired in a special way that allowed him to create concepts and ideas, to imbue the living world around them with meaning. To realize that the concept of mind existed within them and in nature. Magic and religion were formed.

70,000 years ago something possibly even worse happened. A huge volcano erupted and the after effects laid waste to many species. Imagine dark and ash filled skies, starvation, the fear and wonder at the horrors around them. The human population went through what is called “The Bottle Neck.” All of humanity was decimated down to possibly 2,000 people. Imagine a small college, that was the population of man, you could put all mankind in one stadium and they could all sit comfortably. You, me, everybody is related to these 2,000 or so people. Now, these poor souls were not all together, they were spread out over the whole world. Imagine how lonely that was! You know what happens when populations get small and conditions get rough and barely survivable? Evolution. You see, when you have a large population any advantages that occur in the population are usually not earth shockingly impressive because they quickly get lost in the mix, it all gets averaged out. But, lets say you are a female and you must choose between a mate, you have two choices, a guy that has some amazing skill and can provide for you and your children in what seems to be the fucking end of the world or the average ho-hum guy who does not really excel in anything. That’s right kids, we are born and bred from winners, you put early man in a shit-storm of bad luck, hard times, death, misery and challenges and we walked away like a hero walks away from an explosion, not looking back and all in slow-mo and probably a bad-ass theme song.

Limitation. From limitation and hardship flowers innovation, heroism, mythic deeds, new skills and abilities. This is the force behind Saturn, the great dark slow moving, plodding even force of nature. The Grim Reaper, the night full of terrors, the nightmare under the bed and in your closet or better yet, the deep shadow in the cave that our ancestors traveled deep inside of to be initiated into the spirit realm. We come from people that saw the scariest, winding, death soaked caves that had fear just hanging out inside and our ancestors said “Home, safety, temple!” That is how you approach Saturn, which is how you face terror and death and the unknown, your very annihilation, you say “Home sweet fucking home!” So with all that in mind, here is a simple script:

When I approach fear, the unknown and that which seems to limit me, I face it, I own it, I make it mine, I pass through it and it is now a part of my power, my might, others experience me and they can feel how I have overcome all that they cower from. I conquer. For from limitation comes greatness.

The Four

Before we begin the second group of scripts I would like to go over a wee bit of theory on why I am making these scripts for your use. In magic one of the foundational ideas on how magic works is thoughtforms. Thoughtforms are bundles of energy on the mental plane that can contain at least a single idea all the way up to complex memetic structures (like “Bigfoot” or “UFO’s”) these thoughtforms feed off of attention, use, and vital power and by applying emotional energy to them they can manifest astrally in someones character or personality, dreams, magical rituals, or altered states like walking through the woods (Bigfoot). So, the idea behind these scripts is to produce within you the reader and practitioner of said scripts the proper and most empowering thoughtforms in order to produce the best results in magic.

By developing and holding these ideas as powerfully as one holds the ideas of political affiliation, favorite foods, Television shows that are enjoyed, sexual orientation (fetishes and turn-ons that excite you) then they will produce the equivalent results in your daily life and magical activities. For a everyday, real world example let us imagine someone who has accepted and developed the thoughtform of “confidence” there may be no real world experience to back up this person’s belief other than they have filtered all experience through the lens of “How awesome I am” or “I am good at X” or “People like me” (All three produce an even greater and more complex thoughtform). Even if they get contrary information it is filtered out as “haters” or “they just don’t know how great I really am” or “Given time they will see”. They completely buy into the belief. This belief produces an aire of confidence that others pick up on, it motivates them to do things that people without that thoughtform would not or could not do. It pays off. This is the same product I am selling you, accept these scripts, develop these thoughtforms and they will pay off, they will give you the experiences they related to their field. You do not need to reach step 10 Bardon, train in a Buddhist monastery or become grand Pooba of some magical order to achieve any of it. You accept the ideas and thoughts as true and results follow. If you accept any of the scripts accept this one “Magic is easy, too damn easy.”

1. All the power in the Universe was and is a tiny and miniscule near nothing to the power of divine omnipotence. Imagine a infinity of power, of raging, potent might, a burning sun with no end. The universe from the big bang, until this very moment was created with a certain amount of energy, that energy in comparison to the divine will, is a mere speck, smaller than a dust mote of power. Imagine some throw away thought in your head some passing idea that never will occur again, that is the amount of effort involved in the divine will producing every force, power, galaxy, solar system and star of creation. That power flows through me, you, and everyone every second of the day. There is not one action or activity that is not fueled by the divine will. I have the divine will flow through me, the divine will moves and causes all things, from the movement of a speck of dust to the march of a nation to war, to the burning of a sun, to the spiral of galaxies all is moved by the divine will of which I am, I am power, might and creation. The explosion and power of the Big Bang is within me, I am the agent of creation and my will is the will of divinity, the will of divinity is my will.

2. All of creation is love. Divinity resides in everything; it soaks every cell, every atom, every moment through all of space-time. You cannot separate divinity from creation; it is its foundation, its structure and its purpose. Divinity is the experience of beauty, love, harmony, and it is there at all times. Like a parent loves a child, like a good husband loves a wife and a loving wife loves her husband it nurtures, guides, corrects, inspires and moves all things to eventually become one, to unite and feel bliss. All experience is divinity enfolding you in it’s arms as a mother wraps her arms about her first-born child, cradles and suckles her in order for the child to grow and develop into its perfection. Divinity loves all for it is all. Think of the love you hold for yourself when you are happiest and feeling loved, without need or want. That tiny little experience is the microcosmic experience of what divinity feels for itself and therefore all things. Divinity and the universe is in love with you and feels the pangs of that love on an infinite scale just as you want union with your beloved so creation wants UNION with all things. It craves all things to be as one and experience bliss as you wish to make your beloved feel bliss. I am love, I am the great heartbeat of divine love pumping life, and love to all parts of creation of which I am. I enwrap myself in a great enfolding of comfort, nourishment, life and love. I give the best and most beautiful to all of creation. All things deserve love and development so they may experience what true love and bliss are, so all boundaries will dissolve and we all experience my Unity.

3. All thoughts, all ideas, all streams of conscious and unconscious mental activity are all sprung from divinity like rivers connection to a infinite ocean. Your mind is but a pond in this vast waterworks. This water is the same water that exists in the sea, in deep caverns, in the rain that falls to refresh the waters, in all things (for our purpose don’t think freshwater-saltwater, just imagine water) Imagine all of it is united, streaming and sourced from the vast infinite ocean of thought. You can at any time paddle up that river and wade out into the vast ocean of thought. All is connected. The thoughts in your head, the head of a man a hundred miles away, every gnome, salamander, undine and sylph, every god, demon, archangel and spirit, every blade of grass connecting and moving to the direction of the Sun, every cell coping and dividing information that makes a new cell, all of it is a flowing stream of thought and information from the divine intellect. I am connected to all; I hold all things, all thoughts spring from me/divinity.

4. Consciousness is the experience and awareness of what is going on now. Omniconsciousness is the experience of all things, great and small. Imagine all creation as a translucent hologram within a vast dark sphere of your mind and within you. Matter is just thought structures in your mind, time is just a concept moving that translucent illusion forward and backwards as you will. You are the eternal mind observing this hologram. Because your thoughts are momentarily (for several decades compared to trillions of years) focused on the activities and actions of one tiny aspect of that hologram (your body, environment, personality) at the ending of that hologram, its deletion from the activities of the whole in no way effect you. You are the eternal, the all, even if every hologram that represents creation was destroyed in a cataclysmic holographic explosion, this in no way troubles you. You are beyond the image, the illusion. You played all the parts, set the program in motion and watched all things unfold. The creation and destruction of all things is a matter of an eye blink to a dog, it means nothing. How can anything destroy you when all there is is you? Eternal, immortal, able to be intimately interacting with the tiniest particle, the philosopher contemplating, the hawk flapping its wings, the tree growing, the mountains moving and crumbling to sand, and also you can zoom out and look at the whole of creation, a ghostly blue image to you, intricately woven, seen through and through, totally of your devising. I am all things and more, I am no thing, I am eternal and infinite, I hold creation in my mind. All the universe is merely a whim of my thought and desire to be creative. I am everything within the hologram; all is merely me in my many guises, roles and at play. It is all so I may learn about myself and grow. This growth is eternal. I have no end.