Thursday, April 4, 2013


Most people think about sex on a fairly regular basis, memories, fantasies, desires, plans for the weekend, mistakes, whatever. So, if thoughtforms work why do they not magically summon the one thing most people think about almost hundred times a day? The answer is of course, they do! Ever notice how a woman who always finds terrible boyfriends keeps getting them even when she complains that she hates how they treat her? Ever wonder why the guy always dreaming about his dream girl never finds her? It is because they are getting exactly what they have programmed their thoughtforms to do. The poor woman through whatever reason and experience does not understand relationships and love any other way, she wouldn’t understand dating a nice guy trying to date her if he marched around her with a sign! (I swear to you, through junior-high and high-school I had the biggest crush on a girl, I would talk to her daily. We rode the bus together. She was very quiet, nice and shy and she now and then talked to me. When we graduated I tried asking her out on a couple dates and it never clicked. I found out she liked jerks and I was the nice guy. Nearly 8 years later I met up with her and right out of every fantasy I had she just blurted out “God, I was such an idiot, you were perfect and I missed out on you, everything I never knew I wanted until it was too late because now you are married.” But by then the fantasy was over, I let that old flame go because I found my TRUE love.) So, that should tell you about the dream girl. They stay a dream until you wake up and let them go, the fact is you have programmed your thoughts to see this dream “other” (sorry for the sexism I figured one example for each sex even though either can be swapped and of course homosexual relationships count equally well) as a fantasy, something beyond touch, beyond possibility. Instead of an honest assessment of what you want and will seek, you have a “relationship” with a dream. I knew a guy once who was caught up on this ideal woman even though he was socially awkward, lived at home, had the game of a dump truck and was shy beyond belief! The crazy thing was he was a handsome man! Several people commented on how he looked like a certain celebrity but he goof-balled his way through the compliment and said he hated the celebrities work! Then when a woman showed up that nearly everyone around him thought was a perfect 10 (if she would have been a foot taller she would have actually been signed as a runway model) showed interest in him he came up with excuse after excuse on why he did not like her (finally I just magic’d his ass so he could learn about love, and he did, and it did not turn out like a story book but he was a much happier and more confident guy after.)

You pick what you really want, one way or another. Really evaluate your relationships, desires; what makes you happy, what turns you on and what you really want in a partner. Super sexy is over rated, a best friend you would want to sleep with every night of your life is really where it is at. Now don’t get me wrong, I am just preaching to the souls looking for love, to those of you looking for fun just alter the script a bit. But know this, while I am no prude, not by a long shot I might add, you will never have as much fun as having fun with someone you love.
Evaluate yourself; compare what you want to what you have to offer. For the most part women are evolutionary designed to seek a strong, confident mate, one who makes her happy and can provide for her and any offspring. I am not saying all women want to marry the first dude they meet that has those qualities but it is the same level of desire for men when they look at a woman who has a great body ratio, nice hips and a nice chest. You may not be thinking about procreation, just some practice runs is all, however the reason you feel that passion is because for millions of years those are the body signals that screamed “I can bare your children, spread your genetics, and I will not die sickly! See! Look how healthy I am!” So men, next time you complain how women just seem to want to settle down, money, and jewelry know you are being just as material when you want a woman with curves or nice assets…

ANYWAY, enough about the more scientific biological aspects of procreation or the drive to practice that recreational activity. Let us ponder some scripts and ideas to re-program ourselves to make the best out of our relationships and get the most joy from our interactions with the sexual partner we choose.

1. Confidence is sexy, confidence is a way of thinking and turning those thoughts into actions, those actions create beliefs, I am confident so I am sexy. My body produces pheromones that signal to potential mates that I am either for them or not for them; I do not begrudge another for not picking up my signal. Their genetics like mine are seeking specific combinations the conscious mind may not understand; I trust my instincts and my passions.

(The above images are like the cosmic letter D illustrated, imagining this force in your aura really can draw attention.)

2. Being myself is the best chance of finding someone I will enjoy being with. If I act in ways that are not true to myself, go to places I hate, do things I do not enjoy anyone I meet in those situations will most likely be someone I will not get along with or like me for who I truly am.

3. I deserve to be happy, to find love, to be sexually satisfied. Sex and pleasure are natural. Pleasure is a biological response signifying that what is being experienced is good and should be savored. It is my biological right to be happy and satisfied.

4. Divinity has four equal aspects, one of those is love. To experience love is to experience divinity. While the one bringing the experience may not be divine the experience is. Do not confuse the message with the messenger, feel the love, enjoy it, know it is divine and give thanks to the messenger in what is best fitted to them so they may receive their message.

5. Others deserve joy and pleasure as much as I do. To be pleasured is good, sometimes one can receive more pleasure than they expect by pleasing others. One does not need to be a slave or subservient, one simply should make one’s self available to pleasure another or at times simply allow another to find their pleasure when it is not to be found with you. Letting go is hard but worth it many times.

6. Creation was made from a catastrophic explosion of separation, sense that time things have been uniting and dividing, creating new things, growing, expanding and giving life. The universe has done this without judgment or condemnation. The universe does not look down on Carbon bonding to other elements why would it look down on me for bonding with other aspects of creation to grow and develop? Everything about me was crafted, forged and bound together in great passion. All music, art and literature were made from uniting and pairing divinities and vulgarities together in inspiration and awe. I am like the universe and great artists.

7. What I LOOK for is what I see; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a certain type of loveliness attracts my eye, I do not let another judge me or my eye. What may be the appearance of a rough stone to one may be the very image of the divine goddess to another.

8. The universe loves me and wants me happy and pleasured, because that feeling spreads throughout all of creation, it makes wonderful, beautiful, amazing things happen. Love and beauty are all about me, let me look with loving eyes upon all creation and let the passion of burning stars flow from my loins, purified by my Holy heart and shone through the windows of my soul out on all I behold. I allow others to experience my gaze and feel divine pleasure from my presence if they will accept my free gift. I give life, love and inspiration as a gift to all for I am connected to the infinite and have infinity to spare. My cup is never empty and satisfies any who but taste it.

9. (I am not a biblical man but for me this Bible quote is perfect for the idea of love. I mean true love.) Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Life force, vital force, chi, odic force, all are different words for the same energetic experience: the living energy force. On a microscopic scale each “atom” of vital energy is like a tiny sparkler one can get for the Fourth of July.

The macro-scale vital power is of course the Sun. The person who aligns their imagination to the idea of being like a brilliant sun, and follows that imagery all the way down to the cellular level imagining each cell as a brilliant sparkler is well on their way to producing a aura of health.
About a month or so ago I was experimenting with this very simple experiment on healing and health in which one imagines the aura as it is, monitors what areas need attention and once one finds an area that is not illustrating or feeling the experience of health then one simply imagines it healthy (return to the first script in the series where one imagines and commands it to be so and it is so). This is done by knowing what a healthy aura looks like. Alex Grey gives two lovely examples of the solar like rays shining forth. Imagine them like stiff hairs radiating from

the very core of your being and following along the shape of your body. I did this with a shoulder that had been hurting me for quite some time and literally the next day it was better. Interestingly enough a few weeks later I was at my parents visiting them when their Labrador/greyhound mix got out of the house, I foolishly tried chasing it in wet grass slipped and braced my fall with my arm I had healed and sure enough it hurt for the next week in the same spot until I said to hell with it and healed it again. So far it is still healed.

So, you know have a mental image of what vitality looks like, you have the macrocosmic ideal to connect it with (the Sun) and you have a state-experience image in your mind of what perfect health looks like in an aura. As you roll these ideas and images around in your head, attach emotional-feeling experiences. Try imagining what it is like to radiate such perfect health others feel amazing in your presence. Imagine being a microcosmic Sun. Imagine seeing that Sun within others and your presence inspires other’s Suns to shine brighter in harmony with yours.

1. My Father is the Sun, my Mother is the Moon, the Wind carried me in her belly, the Earth nourished me with life.

2. I am healthy, dynamic and powerful. The rays of my energy are brilliant and strong. I am healthier than anyone I know; I at this moment feel a surge, a warm potent wave of light flow through my every limb, saturate every cell and glow with life.

3. I draw life from the divine image of the God and Goddess represented physically by the Su and Moon. When I see the Sun I feel the life giving power flow into me, when I see the Moon I feel her loving kiss on my check or forehead blessing me with life. Their energies harmonize within me, I am perfect.

4. Others experience the radiance I produce and they wish to bask in my light as Sun Worshipers bask in the Sun. I give nourishment and inspiration. My inner light is so brilliantly fierce others experience it in whatever way is best for them to do so.

5. Illness, weakness, disease and death are burnt away by my presence like melting flakes of snow once the spring arrives. They have no hold over the light of the Sun.
6. All things radiate vital energy, and just as I can control my vital force, so does the vital force of all other things heed my command.

See, speak, feel and experience these statements and allow your imagination to devlop these concepts. With thoughtform magic using the scripts as a basis for producing clumps of thoughts that work as magical programs the more intense, pervasive and connected with other thoughts the better. For example. Let us say you have several strong thoughts and beliefs about being really healthy, well a tiny little thought about illness will be unable to stand up to such an onslaught of life force and be burned away. Whereas the same healthy groupings of thoughtforms may be slightly weakened by a grouping of negative thoughts, and ideas of illness. Someone who is a hypochondriac will easily accept a thoughtform of illness and it will rapidly grow and breed new thoughts of pains, weakness and illness.
The more developed, vitalized and accepted a thoughtform-program is the more difficult any counter or opposing thought can enter and propogate. Like hating a certain color. You have tons of experiences, memories, and reasons for disliking a certain color. If someone walks up and says “you should like X” when X is your least favorite color of all why on earth would you accept that. Now, if they said, oh my the color X makes you look so handsome/lovely/ makes your eyes shine, etc then all of a sudden they have placed a thought that is acceptable (someone finds me attractive--yet in a color I dislike…maybe I should reconsider the dislike of said color) See how this game is played yet? You must think of thoughts as living things, striving to survive, propogate, mate, expand, ravage and rule other thoughts. Once you get that thoughtform accepted you begin to see on a deeper level how magic works.