Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life IS Weird.

Before we begin, go grab a sheet of paper or two and a pen. Go ahead, I will wait.

Got them? Seriously, do it! Don’t wait this is important.

Honestly, stop reading, you will kick yourself later if you do not get up NOW and grab pen and paper.

Thank you.

The world is an unusual place. We sometimes forget that simple fact of the complete weirdness of the universe because we can muddle through life in work, boring daily tasks, ordinary relationships and with our relatively short life spans. Our views of life are limited and can hardly see all of the amazingly complex, unusual, ball-trippingly mind-blowing experiences life has to offer, like a buffet of what-the-fu*$. If you have worked with magic on a regular basis then you have come across how the world can seem so unusual, so malleable to whims that it breaks your brain out of the habit for a time of thinking that your world is normal. I have gone through months at a time that the world seemed like a dream, where thoughts I had would come true in hours or days. Oddly enough with those experiences now and again the brain seeks normality, it likes a cemented, steady, normal world. So, given enough time the brain will try and slip you back into an understandable, regular clockwork world where it won’t have the difficulty of trying to figure out the complexities of deciding whether or not cause and effect is the law of the land or the only reason you did a ritual was because the result already existed and the only way for that reality to exist in a comprehensible universe was for you to say a few funny words and perform some unusual exercises. Honestly, I have had heartfelt discussions with other magicians where we were completely baffled as to whether we did a ritual to cause something or the something that happened caused us to do a ritual to precede it so that our brains could make sense of reality. We have looked at an abstract painting of Chinese letters done in watercolor that seemed like hieroglyphs made to represent an initiation we did a year prior and yet the painting was done 10 years before leaving us to consider maybe the painting was done and caused us to do the rituals of initiation that gave us the experiences and that once we viewed the painting we would realize we did the magic because some Chinese calligraphy artist did a painting of the magician’s girlfriend’s name in Chinese. That all of reality was the whim of a creative artist and that the deepest secrets of the universe where expressed in a few brilliant brush strokes by a non-occult artist for a woman who wanted her name painted and would later meet the man who would have a participation in the occult who would then have a ritual with three other magicians who would then look at the painting a year later after that and seeing a perfect artistic representation of the experiences they had. If you have not had that experience in magic yet then just wait, that is when the real fun begins. So, if magic inspires such weirdness, maybe getting into the “headspace” of the world is weird will cause you to get into the place where that magic is possible? I mean you have not lived if you are confused about the nature of the universe and whether everything you experience as a magical revelation is just yourself communicating telepathically with yourself from the future. So below are a few links to get you to start thinking “What the…”

Yes, a few are comedy articles but as you may know the brain likes to remember something funny over something dry and boring. If that is not enough here are a few pictures to contemplate:

(That last one is the tubes on Mars, google that.)

This is the second to last blog on scripts. Because of the nature of scripts and due to my nature of wanting more each of you to be self sufficient wise magicians I will give you a project. After looking at these links and pictures I want you to write down, this very instant, not later the thoughts you have related to all the above. Make a list; state them in the first person and as a directive, such as “I experience the universe as a malleable, wild and unusual interactive beauty.” Try and write them so that by reading them they transport you into the headspace you have this moment, that everything is not what it seems. Now think back to experiences you have had and tie those into a few scripts. Make sure you do this now, the further in time you get away from the experiences that placed you in the headspace of how malleable and weird the universe is the more other junk feeds into your thoughforms of the moment and rigidity of thought takes over. Make sure you write down some really useful thoughtform scripts on how you at this moment have the doubt reality is all that real, or that your sense impressions, beliefs about history or time are all up for grabs depending on your mood.

Once you have a few scripts down, and feel you have fully captured the full essence of the unusual and weird then you are done for now. Review, study and read these scripts along with the rest on a regular basis until they all sink in to solid beliefs and experiences.

One last blog left on scripts and programming. Take a moment and think on what you are expecting or would like to read. When you know that, decide whether or not you just wrote your own script.