Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update 4-5-13

I was asked to participate in a interview for a book on different magicians. Will do it on Monday. I will see if I can get a section for the blog for you guys and girls to read. If and when it gets published I will put a link up here for everyone to check it out.

That is it for now!

May the 4th be with you!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The End of Scripts

As above, so below. As without, so within. If you wish to divine the nature of the divine look around you and within you. If you want to change the universe, change yourself. Within your mind and soul lies a complete replica of the divine universe. Your imagination, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs produce your world that you experience. The same is true in reverse, the Universe in all its vast complex glory is the image you are produced from, the changes within it effect you personally. The epic march of the planets, their orbits close to and far from each other, make a splendid array of forces and energies, so complicated in their effect that astrologers spend decades studying books and charts to master. Little do they know they could peer within and see the masterpiece of the solar system dance within their very imaginations. Tarot cards and crystal balls, skrying mirrors and runes all teach one thing: The true source of the wisdom is within you. Learn what the imagination produces, what images arise and decay, what moods spark and shimmer and you learn the language of the gods. Once one learns their parents tongue they can speak back, they can question, demand, joke, learn, love. Our divine parents have planted within each of us a language they use every night and throughout the day when we listen. A language of symbols, signs, colors, shapes, brilliance and dimness. I spent years seeking communion with god, I picked up Christianity, mysticism, meditation, psychic development, tarot, occultism, ceremonial magic and so much more until I realized the whole time the voice I sought was not a tongue of man, it was universal, it had to be. All language had to spring from it; the natural world was shaped by it. It was the inner language the first languages of the cave and temple were written in. The Imagination is the true language, far superior to the Babel of earthen man. Learn your true language and speak to the gods, angels, demons and true divinity itself, speak to the very heart of creation, and when you know that language you have that same power that in the beginning spoke and it was so. You have the power to create from yourself, for yourself, to yourself.

The body is the Earth. Think now; imagine all your body as solid as the stones that make the planet. Your soul is the sea. Think and imagine that the essence and life within you is the density of water compared to stone. Your spirit is the wind, think now of the entire atmosphere surrounding the Earth and the density of what stone feels to be, compared to water, compared to air. The divine is the Sun and the Moon, shining their light down, through and into you, enlivening you and inspiring you. Now think of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

This series has all been about scripts. Like robots every one of us runs on certain programs. What we are programmed with is belief, experience, desire, fears, emotions and our environment. We have choices but those choices get limited when we give up our freedom, we close off our view to the variety and excitement of creation and surrender to the flood of our past programs. The only way to be free is to admit you are a robot, but know that you are a robot that can be programmed, by yourself. Determine your programs! Even if they fail, pick and choose your programs and see how they change you for better or worse. They have programming packages, they are called gods. Download them through invocation and study. They have virus removal programs, called banishing rituals and purification rites. They have programs that speed up your hardrive, such as meditation, and ritual magic. How do you begin? Look at the following list:


Think on each one individually and with care, allow whatever thoughts, images and ideas come to you. What gut reactions and beliefs do you have on each topic. Whatever comes up is the result of your programming and either is useful or useless to you. You decide which. You make your own script, you invoke a god specific to the sphere and domain it rules, you meditate and contemplate your new script and that is how you change, grow and develop. All the rest, all the training and riga-ma-roll of magic is bullshit compared to this. Change yourself and change the world. As below, so above. As within, so without. I am not responsible for your development, nor Bardon, nor Crowley, nor any other guy who had enough free time to write some words on paper. Your work is your own, has been and always will be. You can create a entirely unique and workable magic system of your own devising by simply comparing notes between your inner world and the universe. When you have that and want to do magic just imagine what usually comes up when that universal cause shows itself. For example, if the universe is bringing you luck, look within, see what comes up within you for luck. What dreams did you have prior to or during this lucky streak. Bring that up when you need luck and that tells the universe “Hey! Order of Luck here!” and the universe spits out luck.

Really, I know each person reading will have a weeellllll…what about…nope! Magic is imagination and will united like magnetic and electric fluid, like man and woman, like Sun and Moon, like rubbing a lamp and genies, like clicking on a link on a web page.

Now pleases look over my many fine books on magic.