Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vimarone and manifestation

I have had a few ask me about the spirit Vimarone from the book Konstantinos’ “Summoning Spirits”. I evoked him a long time ago and received his techniques that were mostly practice exercises and then later evoked him and he gave me the actual manifestation technique. It works, probably not in the way most “imagine” like an apple or diamond just “poof” falling out of thin air. It is for manifesting, but what it does is produce something on the astral plane that will come into your life. Let us use a random object like a lamp. You perform the technique and in a limited amount of time the world brings you the lamp. You may help a friend move and they decide they are getting rid of some things and there is your lamp, or it could show up at a garage sale for cheap. It will be mundane 99.9999% of the time and every now and then, rarely it will just show up and have no plausible explanation for its existence.

First, get a skrying medium that you are comfortable with. If you are terrible at skrying then you will have to get good at it first. If you have a magic mirror or crystal or whatever good, but get a new one-exclusively for the practice of manifestation. Cleanse and purify it ritually as your beliefs and practices see fit. Then on the first New Moon begin charging it. Go outside and charge your new skrying device with the at first the darkness of the night and the on each consecutive night the waxing Moon. You will imagine the energy and essence flowing down from the sky and filling up your skrying device. Keep doing this every night until the Moon is completely full and see in your imagination the device chocked full of radiant Moon light. After each charge wrap it up in silk or some cloth unused for anything else. If you have a mantra or divine name associated with the Moon or astral plane you feel familiar and comfortable with use that to help along with any other ritual that you typically perform.

Once your skrying device has been charged you are ready to use it. Instead of passively skrying look into the device and once your astral vision kicks in imagine what it is you wish to manifest. It could be a situation, a person, an event, an item, an experience. See it and feel it in the device as if you are experiencing the event as happening NOW. Then once you have finished that experience pick up the device. Repeat again the next night and until it happens recording how long it took from start to manifestation. Start small and with something easily attainable, not the lottery. Maybe a new book on magic you want, or a $20 dollar bill. Work your way up to bigger and more difficult things once it only takes a few days to manifest easily attainable things. Keep working at it and it gets easier and quicker.