Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Enochian Experiments 30-20

Having long ago worked with the Golden Dawn rituals I had barely had a brush with Enochian powers yet could say with certainty that I held a respect for its presence. The ritual in which I received a feather from Gabriel was done by using an Enochian call, and as I said before using the SIRP and Watchtower rituals I had used Enochian elemental names from the tablet of Union. Two years ago my good friend and co-worker in magic Chris told me he had picked up Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo and said he had used the call of the Aethyrs in order to check out the system, he said the visions were quite potent and different than other work, which from my prior experience I did not doubt. After the work described in my previous blog I decided to pick up Enochian as a way to allow the alphabet system to sink back into my unconscious, with my prior brush with Enochian I knew its power so I figured this would “charge” my new alphabet with potent angelic forces and also wanted to explore a system new to me. I went into Enochian thinking I would just expand my magical information of various systems a bit, nothing major. However, by the 2nd or 3rd Aethyr I had come to see this as a near perfect and life changing system of magic!
The idea developed as I read Lon’s book and read about the Aethyr’s being levels or degrees of consciousness. I figured it would lead to exciting new avenues of exploring the exchange between the above and below. I decided that I would not review any other magician’s views or experiences from the Aethyrs such as Crowley or any others. At the time I began work I had finished a powerful round of Undoing Yourself based on the book Western Tantra and used the system within to paint my alphabet on 8x10 canvases relating to the power residing in the letter and the Tarot attribution. Arrayed with the Fool-A above 7 columns of three rows of paintings meant to link up the cards with the chakras. The result was a beautiful system above my altar of talisman like images awaiting any magical influence from the Enochian system. On 4-15-14 I began the work thinking it would reveal interesting results and once I finished I would have a deeper understanding of magic, what I got gave me that and much more. Following is my journal entries of Enochian magic. After A few skrying sessions I allowed myself to read up on what other magicians had experienced, some were amazingly similar while some slightly different. This further lead me to believe that each Aethyr was a force that selected an aspect of the magician and projected it back at them as a world or landscape in which to explore, enlighten and develop that part of themselves to become a more perfect adept. Here follows my experiences with a selection of 14 sketches I painted to give more clarity to some of the experiences.

4.15.14 9:30pm until 9:59pm full moon with a mars eclipse cloudy and cold.
Purifying bath, prayer, LBRP, middle pillar and call.
A dark sphere solidified on the astral as I vibrated the name of each Governor 4x and then one at a time until I saw the sphere lighten once it lighted up I moved to the next governors name until all had been called and the sphere brilliant. I saw a crystal city of bright yellow in the middle of a desert 4 beings armored in what looked like their respective elements stood before me between the crystal city’s gates and myself. They stood fire, air, water and earth from left to right. I was welcomed and then I noticed the landscape began to change dramatically it began to fill with golden roses, then trees grew, it became warm then winter set in, ice crystals forming everywhere into a hard snowy freeze the cycle of seasons lasted and cycled every few moments, each 4 seasons was a day and then night had its cycle, the Sun and Moon rotating round in round in the sky beyond. The angels spoke during this time, their voice was like an air horn and they smelled of moss. Each took their turns moving me, changing my body positions and blessing me with their elements. They then became swirling light; this swirling is their movement in consciousness of all people. Before the next rotation of night came a vast rainbow appeared, I was blessed again and I became a swirling mass of light. I vision receded and I saw the solar system and FELT the wavelength of ultraviolet light like a purple energy mass, jostling and moving all things. This was the sub-lunar realm, the ideal before manifestation occurred, what was here would soon be made or occur. It felt like an ocean of purple pushing, rubbing, rolling forward. Like being ruffed up but not violent, it was beautiful in appearance through the entire vision I switched from seeing it to being in it. The vision pushed back further and leaving a black sphere with a third eye slit opening was all that was seen, the slit shut and vision ended.

RII 29th aethyr
4.17.14 10:40pm to 11:19 Thursday
Bath, prayer, invoking pentagram of spirit, 19th call, etc

Vision opened to a seashore next to a rocky black stone wall. I enter a cave and find a man in a black robe, he splits into 3, two female on either side and male in center. They unrobed to show chest and face, covered in golden breastplates inlaid with jewels. I was given a cake a cup and a candle all three purifying me in some manner. They stood on a red dragon. We exited the cave and walked into the waves, this too purified me. I returned to shore and was directed to pass through flames after which I felt a strong wind. They tell me they watch the gates of this realm in order to purify and “edit” or “proofread” the above to the below and the below to the above. I constantly heard the roar of waves or a lion or dragon. I tasted salt and felt the part of me that judged, gave value and discernment become clear. I then went up a staircase and went through the gate to my body seated before me.

BAG 28th aethyr. Friday 4.18.14 1:35pm to 2:05pm
Same as before.
As I vibrated the names and aethyr I noticed the astral plane lit up and scenery was becoming apparent. Saw the Earth, the core of which grew fiery and every pore on Earth blew out spiritual fire as an aura about the Earth peaking out by the poles. The flames connected to the Sun which was massive to my vision the flames poured into the Sun and left the Earth. The Sun then pushed all of itself through the channel into Earth. This force burned the layers away from Earth until it was just a core, brilliant compact sun core of white light. It condensed into a golden wafer which I was given to eat and caused my sphere to erupt into a sculpted intricate series of light wheels within my aura. The three governors appeared and blessed me. I was then surrounded by angels who breathed into me the holy mantra “AH” as a welcome. I was shown the throne room of the Holy Flame, a pillar of Holy Flame and I was like an atom to its enormity. I felt actually present in totality before this Flame and as I looked about I saw floating platforms of angels all praising and worshipping this Flame. Its heat burned and was too immense to experience, I felt compelled to jump into it, although the angels and my fear of what would happen was great in trying to prevent me; however, I did so and the heat was intense as my body burned. My body burned to nothing and I was lifted up by the heat, nothing but a consciousness rising up the pillar of light. I rose until I entered this cosmic crown chakra, then I was a magus in the void creating from light realized this experience was me, not a vision, I was there. I created and it was real the feel of the ritual in perfect quality. I looked up and saw pure divine light and again my being was burned away to my core which my previous self, watching the Sun and Earth took and ate as the golden wafer. I was like water, digesting in my body and purified my body which became me sitting in my room, the vision receded as I saw a great mountain before me. I cannot stress enough how perfectly THERE I was, like a child pretending it was overlaid imagination over reality that then became my full experience.

ZAA 27th aethyr 10:15pm to 10:40pm clear night, waning moon, prep as before.
Vision began in a streak of light; I was standing in a waterfall washing me pure. I played in the water feeling the experience all around me, I then swam to the shore to my left and kept thinking about allowing the universe to work with and through me to do GOD’s will. I saw tropical woods to my left and entered into them. I found a path and walked it for some time until I walked into a purple jewel like space. 3 beings of fire stood before me and shined their light into me. The center one placed his hands on my head and blessed me. I saw vast patterns made from light. The 3 stood before me and made a green red bonfire-pillar of light which I could feel the heat of. The vision receded and I was back. The rest of the evening I saw the world as alive, plants WERE fairies or plant spirits come to physical view. I looked up at a planet and saw it as a man walking through space, all I had to do was call up to it and get his attention and his power would flow over me. Reminded me very much of a child at bedtime, seeing shadows in the room and seeing them as monsters or beasts or seeing faces in wood patterns, shapes in clouds, animism and magical thinking.

26th Aethyr DES 4.24.14. 10:05pm to 10:206pm (Finally completed my alphabet of desire paintings which hung above my altar) Thursday. After bath, I viewed paintings from Th to A, then call, governors, and skry then descend from A to Th.
Found myself in a rocky desert at midnight, stars above and a fire before me. Three cave men sat before me, standing they beat their chests to a rhythm to one of the governors names POPHAND. This caused them to become living flames and raised their energy and arms up, which caused me to burst into flame. I rose up and saw various energy barriers which I pushed through until before me was a man on a cross yet positioned like the letter X. He became a light that shined in the four directions of the cross becoming a Sun that expanded all around me. I then saw a 3D cross shape set aright with 4 arms. The body spun around and around yet the eye at the top most point stayed still it also spun upside-down yet this too did not cause the eye to move. The cross grew hands and blessed me, then turned into a king of great fire and light who held a wand, pointed it at me and transformed me into streams of light floating upwards. I was in my room, yet before me was a vortex in the North above my altar, at the end of the vortex was a man in violet flames, it walked towards me and I heard its footfalls, I felt fear as it felt too real, as if the figure would truly be before me physically in the room if he walked out of the vortex. He stood before me now and lifted his hands, causing a bolt of Kundalini to rise up to my crown and set me aflame in pure energy. I traveled back down through the spheres being washed in a deep purple fluid down to my room which was flooded with a spiritual substance. The face of a beautiful young woman in green light hovered before me and with her will she created my surroundings to become a spiritual vibration substance. I was surrounded in it. The vision shut with a great black purple eye closing.

4.25.14 Friday the 25th aethyr VTI 10:15 to 10:35
I was in a golden square room that had a red-gold curtain on the wall before me. Before the wall, 9 steps and atop it a powerful golden throne with a red-sun disk atop it. A king in red armor sat on the throne and on either side a sage, the one on my left in red and on my right one in white representing power and purity. The curtain caught fire but did not burn but accepted the flames. This place was the balancing force of creation. Any movement that caused balance was the force that emanated from this point. It was not the lightning bolt but the electromagnetic exchange that caused it. Balance was this whole realm. We stepped out from the room which was a pyramid supporting an obelisk built atop a cliff overlooking a green lush plain filled with life, beyond the plain was a row of purple mountains far away. The King and I re-entered the throne room and a smithy forged a sword and cooled it in pure water in a stone tub. The sword was rough and was sharpened by a stone made to bring justice. I was told the vision was complete and to move forward. The vision closed.

4.26.14 24th Aethyr NIA bath, prayer, IRP, view paintings, call. 10:50 to 11:25
I walked into a lush garden with a massive tree ornamented in gems and jewels around its branches like a near infinite Christmas tree. I walked for a while towards the trunk of the tree and sitting at the base was a curvy woman wearing a dark black robe. She was very friendly and explained this tree was all life, the tree represented the complexity and enormity of life itself. She then rose up and walked me to 3 angels all aflame and bright, so bright it was blinding to look at them. The ground at their feet burned until it was baked clay and sand, they diminished their fires and all life sprung up at their feet were they stood, they purified life with the highest principals nearly breaking it and the resulting re-growth is a holier and better growth. The ideal of life was this aethyr they all explained to me. I heard bells ringing from the moment I met the angels and the rest of the vision. The vision shut like iron gates closing. I felt a sense of ego, like a hero, as if I achieved something or a sense of gratitude for having arrived.

p.s. I noticed my phone’s battery drained quite quickly after picking it up and checking it twice.

4.28.14 Monday 23rd aethyr TOR 10:00pm to 10:31pm
I walked out of a swirl of energy through a golden door onto a hilly plain. Before me a pyramid so great the top was nearly hidden in blue haze. I walked down a golden rode to the base of the pyramid where people toiled on the structure. I found myself high up on the pyramid when a dark skinned man offered me fruits. For some reason I felt great doubt about his intention and called to the highest spirit to test his nature, the vision flashed and I was in a room with many books on shelves. I was faced with 3 angels in black silk covering them yet they were so brilliant they shone through it making it near transparent. I called to spirit again and the cloaks vanished leaving only pure light. They spoke and said this aethyr was the movement of emotional energy, its control and command. Mind above emotion with a strong sense emotion caused motion. They took my hands and placed their hands on my head, blessing me. I was told I had achieved all of these spheres all that awaited me was my understanding and blessings within them. I was pulled back into golden light and back to my body.
p.s. After I noticed the light beside my bed dimmed and went out an hour after the ritual. As I was going to bed I did not change the bulb and the next day it was on, I asked my S.O. if she had changed the bulb and she said she did not, light has since worked without issue.

4.29.14 Tuesday 22nd aethyr LIN 9:57 to 10:16pm
I walked on clouds that seemed like thick packed ice, they surrounded a mountain peak that rose to the eternal above, almost as if the eternal projected all below through a cone and that cone was this great mountain. Along the peak was a rainbow bridge like a great circle and beyond lay the void. I gazed I gazed back and forth between the void and the mountain peak and clouds below and I heard panpipes very softly played from behind, I felt a bestial intelligence like presence, base but cunning, looked back and saw Pan, thick, shaggy, face more like a hamster with small horn protrusions at the back top of his head, all white and wild hair. I jumped upwards to the void, I entered a transcendent mind frame, it was a laser like focus yet eternal pure spaciousness. I landed back into temporal space and jumped back and forth taking an idea such as divinity and being inside what seemed like the akashic depth point and being that thing thought of, yet also eternal and beyond any idea. I finally returned and a lantern appeared before me the light of which returned me to my body.

5.1.14 Thursday 21st Aethyr ASP 11:22am to 11:53am
Vision opened with a cross of light in the shape of an X with the center being a sphere of light and each point on the cross a flame of light radiating out a dim light from all points. I was in a garden with rows of trees on either side, glistening with light which was a fluid but light at the same time. Beneath my feet were stones that seemed to flow like water but were firm to the touch. The sky above was a pure blue with stars somehow still shining in the sky. I walked a path and before me was an ancient angel of near white blue skin, diamonds for eyes , white straight thick hair which seemed made of clouds, he sat on a white stone throne. The angel never moved just spoke in communed in thought. I was told to merge with myself and I discovered I was the angel. I sat where he sat and we merged, creating a sphere. I was a star in a pale blue lilac sky surrounded by other stars just as I, all adored a central pillar of light with cross arms moving all the stars in order in their orbit. That was divinity which itself was just a star in the eternal sky of GODS MIND. I returned and stood before my angel self whos’ hair grew rich, thick and black, a beard and thick mane of hair. I was a part of this being as a pinky is a part of the hand and whole person. We were all mingling projections of god and beast, projector and projected, eternal and now, one and many. I returned down the path feeling myself as a thought projected outwards. I stood before a tree and realized it was me; all these trees were my past lives, each eternally growing and being experienced in the now. I became one with my tree and one with this life seeing a pyramid shaped door, made of wood instead of stone close. The four sides closed in and a central cap was placed in the center. I knew that the divine pillar connected me still, moving me--arms stretched out moving all stars in their orbits. This god seemed like a beast-titan-god-man almost alien to this universe but the cosmic order and template for everything and was the meaning of the crosses in Enochian and human myth.

5.1.14 same day, 20th aethyr KHR just did prayer, call and vibration. 10:05pm to 10:25pm

I was raised up in spirit and I stood upon space itself, below me burned the sun, ahead the Earth and Moon. I focused on Earth and saw it spiral into a disk as did the Sun and as I watch all of the planets formed disks of light but material light, forming patterns through which the stars shone their down through them to the earth. The progressive layers make denser disks of light and the patterns within them either blocked some light or allowed it through to do the same to the next layer. When they aligned they let more light through to the Earth warming it in divine rays. To Earthling view trying to perceive the god was a near impossibility, even god working miracles is just in an analogous way like an imagined light or a photosensitive cell firing in pitch black to the true potent brilliance of GOD above. I watched the light beamed from the stars to each other as a communion of their message and nature. All of this was the disk of the cosmos I spoke of in LIN. I looked up and wished nothing but to ascend forever upwards but was held back by a knight in impossibly thick obsidian armor highly detailed and carved, he had red wings. He told me to witness only this for now which I did. After a time he said I had done well and gave me passage to higher spheres. He placed his hand on my head and brilliant red light poured on my head from his hand. I returned to my room but the room still held light, like crystal shards making a wind-chime around me, I felt the urge to transfer this light to the core of the Earth, pushing more and more down until light poured out in concentric ring layers of golden light to the surface. A lovely angel appeared and gave a blessing through me to the Earth and I thanked all spirits, I blessed all things and the vision ended.


  1. Greetings, when you do these Enochian evocation you do with Bardon's technique or a technique specific to Enochian?

    deep peace.

    1. It is my own blend. In my workings now I use Bardon as one would use a technical grade book for understanding the mechanics of a thing. In other words I do my magic and if I need to break it down and understand aspects I look at it in a Bardonian perspective because of the training. When I did these rituals I had printed out the tablet of union and the sigillium just to have it on my altar and connect to the current. I then worked with my Alphabet of Desire while focusing on the Aethyr and then used the call required. During the call I would enter an altered state and begin skrying. By the time I finished the call the astral plane was lit up and vivid so I would then charge the astral with the governor's names and use my Alphabet to charge the astral with the name of the Aethyr and in so doing it would create a gateway or vortex that I would enter and skry.

  2. I understand, thank you for your attention

    Deep peace.

  3. Your work with the 30th seems immature and imcomplete. You also don't need any Golden Dawn rituals. You can approach the work from Dee himself who used prayers and oratory to the divine. Continue the work with devotion.

    1. Thanks for your insight. I have worked in the 30th a few more times ( as well as all the others) and did not use Golden Dawn rituals just vibrations of names and prayer.