Saturday, February 1, 2014

Questions and Answers

Hello my dears,

Let me begin by saying it is one of my great pleasures and missions in this incarnation to help however I can in guiding fellow workers of magic and those seeking Truth as much as possible and as best as I can. Nothing brings me more happiness then to see a magician come into their own and do the work through their own creativity and True Will. Helping magicians realize that their own power is locked within them and released by the keys of Imagination and Will. Not only does this create a individual with their full abilities to make their lives better but it also contributes to the art of magic as a whole. I help a few, those magicians grow and become mighty and wise and do their own work, helping others grow and become mighty and so on until magic once again reaches a resurgence and it can be worked without the dogma and superstition which cloaked it in the past. For this I am grateful and a humble servant of the cause.
However, for several years and more and more so recently I have found that many who wish to study the art ask me questions which it is obviously beyond their experience. Initiates just learning about magic ask me things which honestly if I answered them fully and truly would make them more confused and lose sight of the work at hand. I find people being so rigid in their views in magic that it is difficult for them to see the forest from the trees. If they just relaxed, looked at the problem from another angle or worked on it with their best ability they would find an answer for themselves. The internet is a blessing in that it makes finding hidden gems once lost to magicians available and easy to acquire however it has also produced a fast food mentality in which quick easy answers are sought merely to edify the intellect and never gratify experience and attain wisdom. How will knowing what exactly spirits in the realm of Saturn do in their free time help you one bit if you have not begun to work on mastering meditation, control the chattering of the monkey mind or develop a relationship with the elements or spirit? It is only to give one a feeling of intellectual knowing and superiority without ever taking an asana. This is dangerous to my beloved art, this is where the weeds of superstition and dogma grow in my lovely garden of the magical art, and this is what I cannot abide.

The knowledge in books and blogs and anywhere else is only good for one thing, to point the real source of inspiration and magical power. You have had the answers all along, deep within, wrapped in dreams, fantasies and fears, never good enough, pushed away, derided as MERELY imagination.

So, a policy change from here on out. If I have the faintest of notions that a question in my comments or personal email is being asked beyond their grade and is merely to fulfill some whimsy or intellectual curiosity and is by no means something that will aid them at the work at hand (mind you it is quite easy to tell, like a whore talking to a virgin on matters of sex and the virgin attempting to sound experienced.) I will not publish the comment and not answer it. I know this means you will most likely just go to Reddit (I see similar questions in r/occult and worse really), or some other magicians blog and ask them, and hopefully they will choose to do the same as I am. It is time to do the work my lovelies, time to get cracking, time to stop making excuses about this or that and get to it, otherwise why are you here? What is you purpose for studying magic? That is truly the best question to seek an answer for, the only one that will honestly motivate you to doing the work. Sadly for the dilettantes the answer can only be found by asking the only place you are unwilling to truly seek the truth from.