Monday, November 10, 2014

The Portal to Heaven and Summer book 2 of the HMS

You can get it in any Ebook format!                             The Portal to Heaven and Summer

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long wait!


So I have not posted a lot of art on here. Some of you have seen some of my works from my books or older images from deviant art. I figured I would show some now in relation to my prior post.

Earlier works from 2008 or so from my first personal Tarot I made.

Here are some portraits I did around that time

Here is a tattoo I did for the girl in the portrait above in red with a crown of flowers (The wiccan who I did an interview with.)
Now here is some more recent stuff I did for my RPG game

Hope you enjoyed it! I had a suggestion to paint my method which I may work on tomorrow!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Book update and other news

Just an update!

The newest book by the HMS has been finished and about to go through the final checks and edits! Once completed I will post the link to it!

Also, contemplating creating a Patreon page and using it to create sigils of spirits, and commissioned works for creating Chaos magic style sigils for others as well, paintings of gods people would like to work with, a comic that would visually explain how magic works, magic art in general as well as just general commissioned artwork of all kinds. What do you lovely people think? Would that be something you are interested in?

I have been working on a RPG based on the ideas of Jung and Campbell. System would be sort of like the Fate system and D6, sort of my own spin on those two. Not magical really just fun. Basically been working a lot on my art lately (I need to start posting some stuff to show you guys) just normal fun stuff and not magically inclined since after my Enochian work I have felt more inspired and creative in regards to just doing paintings and art with some subtle occult influence.

Ok, enough ramble. I will be back soon with more!