Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sigils Without Tears

            I have said it before on this blog that magic is easy. Consider the fact that cavemen stumbled upon how to do it. They did not pour over ancient tomes and do daily training exercises for hours on end; they did not scour over internet pages on how to perform a particular ritual or any of that. They just found things that worked. Now do not get me wrong, over time it has been refined and the technology has been advanced. I just want you to realize that YOU CAN DO MAGIC RIGHT NOW. You do not need some old geezer with a long beard uttering arcane words over your head to initiate you into the mysteries. That sort of stuff was about programming your consciousness to get in the right state. So, with this blog we will go step by step showing you how to work magic, all magic even if you don’t believe in it, just started down the path or you are a master magus. It will not require long drawn out rituals or magic words, even though IT CAN if you want (I will also show why those are there if you choose to use them).
            This is how we will do it. First, I will lay out an outline describing the steps to do magic. They will be simple and not very descriptive. Second, I will break each step down to explain what goes into the step and what is required. Third, I will give you the “theory” behind each step, why it is there and required. Finally, I will give you the information needed to make magic your own and a lifestyle. Sounds good? Excellent! Let’s begin!

1. Prepare a sigil or image that encapsulates your will/desire/need/goal.

2. Place it before you so that you can get in a comfortable position in order to observe it without any distractions.

3. Enter your psychic awareness state.

4. Focus on the sigil until it activates. Interact with it until it becomes dormant again.

5. Return to normal consciousness. Record results in your journal or notebook. Pick up sigil. Do something mundane to fully return to everyday reality.

            That is it friends. You follow those steps and you can do magic. Now let us look a little deeper at what is going on in each step.

            In the first step I told you to prepare a sigil. Let us look at what that means and what a sigil is. A sigil is like a monogram or ideogram or even like a hieroglyph depending on your mood and style. Eventually you will find your personal style and use it more than the rest. At its core it is a VERY simple image.

            You CAN use premade sigils, runes, magic alphabets, hell you can even use glyphs and magic symbols from video games if you so choose as long as it will mean something for you. But for the sake of fully explaining the process lets go over how to make your own. Take a desire or idea that you want to have in your life. Really ponder what it is you really want. As you do this pondering have a pen and paper in front of you. Whenever you really get locked in to the ideas associated with the desire begin to doodle on the paper. Just distracted doodles like you would make if you were bored in class and the teacher was droning on and on but you were in your own little fantasy world. Try and fill the whole page with these doodles, no judgments, no worries or critiques if they were good enough. Just “get in the mood” put yourself in the mental and emotional state of your desire as if it was happening NOW and doodle. In magical and psychological circles they give this the spooky sounding name of Automatic Drawing.

Once you filled the page then you may review your work. Take a few minutes and with a relaxed gaze look at the paper with your doodles and see if any particular image catches your eye. Is there a squiggle or shape that really calls to you? Place it on a new clean sheet of paper. Keep looking to see if there are any others, if so add them to the sheet. After you have a couple (or if there is just one that screams: ME! ME! PICK ME!) then you have your raw sigil. Look at it for a while and redraw it a few times. Add a little character or flavor to the image. Over time and several working you will know what to do but at first this will be the most daunting process of the whole activity. The good news is there is no getting it wrong, just shades of better.

Another method to make a sigil is well known and quite popular in which you take a phrase or statement of desire and you cross out the repeating letters and vowels in order to have a few remaining letters left. You then put each letter on top of the other and stylize it in order to have a symbol. This process seems to have gotten quite a bit mystical for some reason. It doesn’t matter if you take the vowels out, the repeating letters out or any of that junk. You could if you want take the first letter from each word, or the last letter of each word, or your favorite letters from the entire statement and then place them in a pleasing manner in order to make a monogram of that idea. What is really important in the process is that you are engaged with the ideas involved and make a symbol, ideogram, sigil, or monogram that looks good to you. Every process or step to get there is just to get you there and not sacred in itself. It is one of the few times the end justifies the means. In fact to prove it to yourself go crazy one day and try out every possible process you can think of to make a sigil and see which is best for you. That is the one you should use. One that I use sometimes (notice the word sometimes is used) is to draw a picture of the desire and then reduce it and simplify it down into an arcane looking shape. So let’s say you have a desire for a house, draw yourself in your dream house. Then simplify the whole thing or draw it like a 5 year old would (there is a lot to be said for making the image like a 5 year old would, keep this in mind during automatic drawing and you will get some very cool sigils to use!) once you have done that go about making it look all occult like and magical looking.

Once you have your sigil it is time to activate it. If you read fantasy and mystic tales of wizards and mages you see them looking at arcane symbols and spell-books in order for them to release their potent magical currents into the world. If you have done evocations you know that you take the sigil of the spirit and look at it in a meditative state and call out to it until it “appears”. In the days of the cave man they would paint the bison they wished to hunt on the cave wall deep in the belly of the cave away from the rest of the clan and would then be guided by the shaman in order to reach a state where the success of the hunt was assured.

            Just like them, we will place our sigil in front of us so we can gaze at the image easily. We also for now need to have a quiet place without distraction in order to activate the sigil and bring it to life. If you have a magical temple with all sorts of cool tools and implements that’s super! If you have to sneak out into the woods or a park away from everyone with just your sigil on a sheet of white copy paper, awesome! Both will do just fine. Much like sex some people like props and toys and others just like a quick romp in a dark room, Honestly it is whatever can “get you off”. The key factors involved are no distractions, and the ability to see your sigil clearly. Everything else is toys and lube.

            Entering your psychic awareness state (often called gnosis) sounds quite arcane and mystical but it is easy and you have probably done it before. Ever pass out? Have you ever had an orgasm? Have you ever been in the state between waking and sleeping? Have you ever had an epic yawn? Have you ever had a head rush where you felt like you were about to pass out and saw your vision dim and colors and stars flash before your eyes? Ever have a near death experience? Have you ever zoned out while doing something and could not quite recall what steps brought you to where you were now? Well my friend you have tasted gnosis! How do you get that state on demand in order to do magic? Very easily. Remember now that ancient magicians of the past did not have the same language and terms we have today. From things as profound as what causes earthquakes and thunderstorms to what happens when we pass out or are in that in between state of sleep and awake. ALL of it was mystical! We just have gotten new terms for things now. So, to enter gnosis or the psychic awareness state we have to enter the “in between world” the realm between the conscious living and the unconscious spirit world. To do this we use a simple and quite enjoyable process of tension and release. First to prime the pump we do what is called the “fire breath”. This is where you take a quick big inhale then immediately a quick release and exhale and repeat the process. Basically you are trying to almost hyper ventilate. This is building your energy up and getting your mind revved up, now take a deep breath and hold it as you tighten every muscle in your body. EVERY muscle you possibly can contract do so now, tighten into a little ball. Hold your breath and the position for as long as you can, past the point where you can barely hold on and you simply must take a breath, push it! Now completely release your body tension and exhale, go limp and relax it will feel like you have exploded, been reborn. You will feel this elevated feeling of release through your whole being, you may with just a little practice feel like energy is flowing through your entire body and all around you like an aura. When you feel this energy around you, direct it up to your third eye and out of your head and body. This experience will feel as if you are rising up to a spiritual level. You will feel free and brilliant. The dark creeping feeling of about to pass out is the experience of the unconscious, the realm of the dead, of dreams. The bright, light, free feeling is the experience of the spiritual realms, of the divine, of the holy and numinous. If you can balance your mind between these two states, even for a few moments you have reached the psychic awareness state, gnosis, the magical state, the in between realm where magic takes place. In time you won’t need to do the tension and release exercise, you will be able to slip in and out at will (Occasionally doing it just to stay trained and active in it) This is the state where you can work with spirits, project your mind, skry, invoke, read tarot cards, re-program your personality and of course do sigil magic.

            Now that you have entered the right state, begin to gaze at the sigil. You will notice a big difference from just normally looking at it because now you are partially in the spirit world everything seems more alive and made of energy. If you have ever tried magic mushrooms, LSD or marijuana it is a similar state of everything being alive, active, a presence, a force, Think back to being a child in a dark scary bedroom. Every noise was alive and a monster, every shadow a creeping figure, now imagine how it would feel to be a caveman in a dark terrifying cave with just a small torch and a crazy shaman leading you to the deep parts of the cave, where you have never been. I am only using these examples based on fear not because the magic process has to be frightening or scary but because the proper state is of one of animism, the experience that all things have consciousness, all things have a spirit and agency. You can have this with glorious, sensual, beauty without any fear at all. I use the fear example because that is the most likely times you would be able to spot the exact state. Another way of seeing it is looking at clouds, wood grain patterns, stains and so forth and seeing scenes, faces, animals or images in them. Pareidolia is a fun and common experience of this brain activity.

 If you have done LSD or mushrooms you know exactly the state I mean.

            So, gaze at the sigil and allow it to come to life. Is it a face, a creature, a little spirit or elemental? Let your mind go and just allow it all to happen. If you gaze upon it long enough it will do it all on its own. It will become strange and alive. When that happens it has received its first charge from you and is now active. (The common idea that people just looking at a sigil in passing causes it to be charged is now obviously debunked, only when a mass group of people have the sigil and the idea behind the sigil combined does it receive a charge like say the Freemason’s eye in the triangle symbol) Now once it is active and you experience it as a presence, allow your mind to daydream. It will be along the lines of the desire and impressions you had during the sigil creation. Also since you are in a state of Gnosis you will be experiencing the force and presence of those ideas in the realms of the dream world and the spiritual realms. It will be nearly dream like except totally under control. If this is your first activation of that sigil it should be along the lines of programming it with what you want it to do. You do this by imagining yourself having accomplished your goal, as it being real and in the now. So, if you programmed a sigil for luck you would imagine scenes and scenarios in which you have been lucky, will be lucky and the very emotional state of luck itself. See symbols and images you associate with luck. This connects all possible thought forms or programs within your mind related to luck to the sigil so that later on when you need luck and use the sigil it will communicate to all parts of your being and the spirit realms that the force of luck is currently active in your life NOW.

            Once you have had the experience with the sigil you will notice after a few moments or minutes that it will begin to lock back into being just a set of lines and not vitalized or active any longer. You have returned a bit back to normal consciousness. You should now take your notebook or journal and record your results and impressions alongside a copy of the image of the sigil. Some people get all superstitious on either destroying the sigil or keeping it safe. As long as you have a copy of it you are fine, you can of course charge it as a talisman (discussed later) or simply crumple up the original image and toss it. The only reason you need it on a clean white piece of paper with no other distractions is so your mind can totally focus on it and “bring it to life” what really happens is now in your mind it is an active force, it is more than just a bunch of lines on paper, it is a gateway, a spirit, a conscious entity, a power. If you have succeeded in implanting it in your mind as such then the work was a success.
            A final couple of notes, you have not actually done any magic to produce a result other than activate this sigil. While this alone can cause considerable changes in your life and cause your desire to manifest it is actually not the goal of this activity. You activated the sigil so that when you need it later on you can work with it. An important note! When working or activating a sigil you may get ideas and impressions from the “spirit” especially if you made a sigil for knowledge or for information of some kind. While that information can be useful at times don’t consider this the final word. What you are really looking for will come a bit later. Maybe a few minutes after the ritual, maybe the next day in a spark of insight or maybe a month or so later by finding a book on the subject out of the blue. Just keep that in mind.

            So, you may be wondering if this was not “doing magic” then what is? Well, again in a sense this was DOING magic, it applied your imagination and will power in order to cause a change. What doing this whole little ritual was for was prepping. Let us return to the luck sigil. You have charged and activated the luck sigil and it is now a bridge or link between waking mind and the deep mind and spirit realm. Like Ariadne you made a line to pull through the maze of the unconscious realm to bring out the state of being you want. When it comes time to use it, say when you go to a casino or make a friendly wager with a friend you simply focus your mind’s eye on the sigil. See it in your imagination glowing brilliantly and filled with power. This sends the message and the results follow. The longer you can hold it in your mind without losing it, AND by blotting out as much as you can the conscious desire the better. See you are trying to speak to the unconscious or the spirit world which uses symbols and signs to communicate (hence why you don’t take the first word of inspiration during charging or activating sigils, and the myth that spirits are “tricksters” it is not so much they are tricking us it is just that their communication is symbolic and therefore more densely packed with information so that when we first experience the communication we may just get parts and pieces and not the whole message.) Thinking you want “luck” won’t get you there but just experiencing the pure sigil will. You can also re-enter the magical in between state and call up the sigil in that state to experience it which can cause a powerful evocation of that force.

            Some of this information contradicts classic sigil magic work found in a host of books and online sources. I myself have used the methods and practices found there and they do work! Anything closely resembling the above process will work because the principles are sound and strong. However, this method is the strongest I have found and I will walk you through the how and why of it all now.
            Nearly all pure sigil magic theory and practice stems from the ideas and works of Austin Osman Spare. One of my all time favorite magicians and an amazing artist. He was in fact a terrible writer and slightly uneducated. If you try reading his works you can develop a serious headache trying to decipher his meaning and what point he is trying to make. Also, like any good wizard he was a bit mad. Like I said I have worked with every possible theory on sigils and have read Spare’s works many times. I have poured over his art (I also have pre-ordered a book on his newly discovered tarot cards which will be out in December this year from Strange Attractor press) I have read what Kenneth grant had to say on him, Morrison and Moore, Rune Soup (which has so many great ideas on sigil magic btw) Frater U.D and Carroll. Even lesser known sorcerers like Anousen Leonte have a great many wonderful ideas on sigil magic work. The more I read them and the more I pondered their ideas with other aspects of magic such as evocation (using spirit sigils from old grimoires) the more I kept thinking “Something is missing!” So I dug deeper, I experimented, crafted endless sigils, made an alphabet of desire AKA a sacred alphabet (which I will discuss later) I used my sigils in Enochian vision magic, all the while coming closer and closer to the truth that was actually painfully obvious and there the whole time. It is just nice to see it somewhere besides the interior of your own skull. I read the excellent biography on Spare done by Baker. I definitely recommend you pick it up, it is quite engrossing! In it I found tons of gems I was unaware of in Spare’s life that pushed him or molded him to the man we do know and the system he crafted. For a deeper understanding of this type of magic I again urge you to pick it up and have a good read of it. But the real diamonds for me where a few anecdotes from his life that confirmed my theories on sigil magic and how the “fire and forget” system was a mistake, an honest mistake but a mistake. You see, Spare knew what the sigils he fired were for. He did not pick them up until they were forgotten then fired them or activated them. He may have done that with many but there are several stories that show that was not his main method and not the method he used later in life. One example is where someone asks him what a certain sigil was on a tarot card and he said it was for a thunderstorm (which within minutes produced a thunderstorm) or the story of producing a certain gentleman’s slippers where it is described he used a sigil of a familiar spirit, and lo and behold the gentleman’s butler happened to show up hours before schedule with the slippers. Another story is that during one of the bombing on London by the Germans Spare’s home was destroyed and with it a book that held the meaning of hundreds of Spare’s sigils. In other words he had a whole book with his sigils and their meaning attached to them because when asked later about it he said he could not recall all of them. Little stories like this and the fact he had stele’s with reused sigils in them to produce a certain effect show the vast majority of the sigil magic spare did was sigils he had built up meaning and relationships with. They were not one offs that were tossed away (also as a side note the famous Earthenware virgin formula was actually a coded reference to homosexual sex magic, just fyi) after firing, they were his companions, his spirits, his pantheon. This is also your task which I am about to describe shortly, to build you spirits, your pantheon and make you sacred alphabet.
            So, theory wise how does all of this really work? To strip it down to the bare bones and to remove all mystery and occult sounding words from it I will explain it simply and without using mystical ideas. Mystical ideas are in it, useful and valuable in magic but to keep it all clear and dogma free I will not use them. I will explain it so that even an atheist or devout Christian/Muslim/Jew or Buddhist could pick it up and work with it.

            The way the brain is built it looks for meaning, patterns and agency. The classic Dawkins’ example of early man wandering in the high grass of the African plains, hears a noise. That noise could either be the wind or a predator ready to attack. What the primitive man decides to think it is, is a matter of life or death. Primitive man lived in a world where the safest belief to have was that everything was alive, had agency and was conscious. They succeeded and survived by observing and exploiting patterns. Over time man realized that they could translate thoughts, ideas, feelings and internal experiences outside of themselves with sound and image. To early man a painting or symbol of a thing was also the thing symbolized. An image conveying meaning could be shared with others so that a single person’s internal experience could change and shape the internal experiences of others and cause change according to the will and imagination of the one doing the sharing. Because of these developments we to this day share these skills in more complex and refined ways such as novels, movies, web logs, advertisements and logos. Those primitive levels of consciousness still reside within us though and can be tapped in order to shape our behavior and environment. By tapping into these deep layers of mind we speak to the unconscious, the parts of our mind that we are unaware of. This part is the heavy lifter, the hard drive, where the conscious mind has only one job and that is to observe the environment for novel experiences to build better and more complex patterns and programs for the unconscious to use. Take for instance learning the alphabet. At first you are ignorant of the rules, the pattern, the sounds of the symbols but over time you develop the skill of writing and spelling so that by marking a few lines on a page you can share your ideas with others for all time. However what you do not see is that you no longer sit there struggling with how to make each letter to form each word to craft each sentence. At some point the programs to do all of this were shifted into the unconscious so that when a desire to communicate through the written word arose you simply let it all spill out through the act of writing it down. This in itself is powerful arcanum that was the secret of priest and mages hundreds of years ago so that if you could spell, read and write you were seen as having great magical power. Now nearly everyone can do it, my hope is that one day nearly everyone will be able to do magic. The next part of the theory is that of the spirit realm or the dream world. I promise to keep it as scientific as possible! Imagine if you will what it was like for early man to drift off to sleep and experience a dream. Today we have dream interpretation and scientific hypothesis why we dream but to early man it was as mysterious as the thunder, the sun and stars, the night itself. To slip away into another realm and experience the dream world must have been a frightening and beautiful experience. Now let us take it a step further and imagine them seeing loved ones recently passed away in their dreams! They would have no idea that it was just some projection or wish fulfillment. They would have seen it as the spirit of their lost loved one, alive and well in another place. Now further we go, eventually due to some circumstance early man must have had a near death experience, or passed out, or ate something temporarily paralyzing them, or ingested a psychedelic. Any, all or even combinations of which would have showed them there was a way besides dreaming and death to step a foot between the realms. Couple this with the ideas of animism, and that spirits ruled the natural world and you have the birth of shamanism and magical work (throw in pareidolia and you can really get insight into early man’s mind). That is why Gnosis is required. It is stepping into the in between realm in order to touch the deeper stratums of consciousness, to build bridges to certain states of mind.
            The skeptic will be concerned with how all of this can produce a result. Let us consider the unconscious monitors all body functions, it reads and deciphers pheromones, scent, posture, patterns and details the conscious mind glosses over. Do you know why we kiss first before taking a lover? The swapping of saliva allows the brain to read the chemistry of the partner and analyze it to see if they would be compatible for reproduction. That is why a kiss can seal the deal or end the advances right there! Men can pick up a woman ovulating, women find the scent of a man with good genetics more desirable even if they can’t see the man and only have scent to go by. Our unconscious is doing some serious work and our wee little conscious mind is just along for the ride. So imagine if you were able to tap into that juggernaut of power, that giant of insight and work with it in a more direct manner, to put it on a certain track for success. Imagine going to a poker game with confidence that your unconscious would pick up all the cues, tics, tells and calculate the odds for you while you just sat back and reaped the reward! The skeptic will again ask how the famous mages of old supposedly called storms, conjured spirits and casted illusions through the unconscious (All of which can be done). All I may say here is, how indeed?
            Let’s consider more occult or magical perspectives, one our ancestors would have had. For now let us consider the new terms such as unconscious, psychology, pareidolia, and the chemical effects of certain psychedelic substances on the brain as rebranding magical terms and concepts into more modern acceptable concepts and words. This is not to say that working with the unconscious is not real and potent but let us consider for now the unconscious as our gateway into the realm of the magical, into the deep, into a realm that exists regardless of intelligent human life.  By entering certain states of mind we access a realm that our conscious mind can barely witness. If our eyes had more and varied color receptors we could see hues we cannot conceive of, yet they still exist. Radio waves propagate through the air as do electromagnetic fields yet we cannot directly perceive them without some device. By using certain tools and techniques we are able to take glimpses into forces and energies that make up and sustain the physical realm. Some of called this the ether, the spirit world, the astral light, heavens, hells, dimensions, and so on, these are just words attempting to make experiences able to be shared and communicated. This realm is home to human spirits passed away, disembodied conscious entities that swarm around the living and notice changes in the energy field caused by magical workings. In this realm ideas and emotions are alive. Gods of nature, of the cosmos reside here. Every character of myth, legend, every story that has taken root in human consciousness is vital and active. In this realm through the right procedure we can step in and adjust, manipulate the forces of creation with the right tools in order to cause changes in the world according to our will. How? First we connect with the current that we wish to bring into our life. Again we will use luck in this example. By using a symbol for luck that acts as a gateway or a battery for the force we begin to meditate on the ideas and concepts related to this force. The stronger we can hold this force in our mind the more potent the result will be because by the means of pure, strong focus we become a better channel for the force. We then enter the spirit realm that has been filled by our focus with the appropriate force. By interacting with it and locking it into our sigil we create a “cord” or bridge to the force through the sigil. The more often we interact with it the stronger the cord or bridge becomes. Just as when you put more of your body into a pool the wetter you become. Even if we pick this symbol up and do not use it for some time we can always return to it and re-activate the channel just like looking at an old photo returns the memories of that time back to our present moment. We endow our sigils with agency, energy, motivation and a goal. We work with them often and they become familiar to us, hence a familiar (the root of which is family) spirit.
            Can one make temporary sigils and spirits? Yes of course! Will they be as strong as familiar spirits? No of course not. Can you make a sigil for a spirit or god that already exists? Yes, the sigil is merely a gateway for you to work with, as long as the sigil or symbol is in accord with the nature of the spirit or god it will work. What about pre-existing sigils or symbols? Yes, the very idea of the pentagram rituals, kabbalah and so on have tons of symbols and sigils one can aquire, however it is the making them vital and active that is important. Crafting your own symbol set is not for everyone, people want the safety and surety of proven symbols, they take comfort in them. This is perfectly fine. But, crafting your own sigils is a fantastic way to explore yourself and your own view and experience of creation. It can add meaning, experiences and power far beyond a readymade system. Plus it is simple to do and you do not have to acquire the head space of other magicians. It is unique and your own.

            So we have explored the theory behind sigil magic. But what should you do with it? What should your process be? First I recommend making a few one off sigil/spells to work out the process and see what works for you specifically. After a couple dozen or so you will see what sort of shapes and symbols are more meaningful to you and activate easier. When you have the process worked out I recommend playing around even further with it by using an etheogen or two while doing the ritual. Do not become dependent on its use but it is valuable to see how weird and wild these sigils can become alive from their use, and once you have the experience down it is easier to reproduce without. Now you are ready for serious system building magic!

            We will now speak on the concept of the sacred alphabet or alphabet of desire (desire here is not so much a sexual idea but a drive or strong willing for something within yourself which can be sexual and most likely has something akin to the strength of what one feels when one is especially craving a sexual encounter but again it is not necessarily sexual in nature) We will focus on the 22 main principles that drive mankind and you personally. These main drives are filtered through your genetics, your society, your culture, your upbringing and your experiences. One person’s list is not better or worse than someone else’s, just different. Take each one and ask yourself what is your life goal or desire in this regard. What would you like to have or change to make one of these principles work for you or relate to it in a healthier way. Or put a better way, if you were a powerful wizard how would you command these forces to work for you, and how would you interact with them if face to face with them, had a relationship with them and had them living with you? (Check out the excellent book Secrets of Western Tantra by Hyatt for a lot of great information relating to magic and the following list that was adapted from his work)

1. The highest divine force you can imagine, chaos, pre-creation. (A)
2. How you direct and control your life and the contents of your mind. (B)
3. Your dreams, your emotions, your feelings, personality. (G)
4. Nature, sexuality, reproduction, beauty. (D)
5. Personal power, ambitions, your domain, your territory. (H)
6. Your rational mind, your education, right and wrong. (V,U,W)
7. Inspiration, impulses, instincts and intuitions. (Z)
8. Victory, overcoming, success, making things work. (Ch)
9. Courage, facing fears, natural animal energy and strength, overcoming, moving on. (T)
10. Wisdom, concentration, silence, meditation, quiet, solitude. (I,Y,J)
11. Cycles, cause and effect, success and failure, first love affair. (K)
12. Direction, orders, balance, team work, restrained force. (L)
13. The abyss, dreams, the unconscious, sacrifice, letting go, salvation, release. (M)
14. Transformation, fear, uncontrolled changes, alone in the dark. (N)
15. Realization, alchemy, the holy guardian angel, harmony. (S)
16. Material forces, cravings, lusts, obsessions, desires, anxiety, restrictions. (O,E)
17. Fights, battles, destruction, realization, extremes, ambition. (P, Ph)
18. Hope, higher mind, spirituality, sacred, holy, blessings. (Tz,C)
19. Moods, feelings, the aspects of yourself you deny or reject, dark secrets. (Q)
20. Rebirth, resurrection, spring, dawn, clarity. (R)
21. Awakening, spirit, purification, holy flame, eternal, immortal. (Sh)
22. Unity, completion, consciousness, parts becoming whole, home, body. (Th, X)

            These are the main 22 forces you should craft, build, activate and work with. They will be your most utilized sigils; they are the big dogs of your system. Once these are made they are also your 22 major arcana of your own personal tarot deck, your Alphabet of Desire! Congratulations! You are a magician! You can make temporary sigils for very specific spells and use these 22 to further enhance your work by crafting talismans, amulets and steles.

            What about daily work, training and developing your magic skills? I recommend getting an art journal (or several) which is a blank book of unlined paper. Get a good sharpie marker and a fine line marker (you can use colored markers to add the element of color symbolism to your sigils as well if you choose) and on each page draw a big circle and within that circle draw your sigil. Repeat for every sigil you have and work with on individual pages. At the bottom of the page away from the sigil (so the words will not distract you when you gaze at the sigil during working with them) write a couple of keywords describing the intent behind the sigil. Everyday do the original ritual given to you previously but instead of focusing on a single sigil for a task simply go through a few as a refresher course to build links, associations and a charge to the sigils battery. Simply gaze at the sigil for a few moments until it starts to move and activate, letting your mind interact with it, ALLOW do not force the images related to the sigil to arise in your mind’s eye such as in a daydream where you look but only see what is in your mind superimposed over the physical world (this sounds much harder and more esoteric then it actually is, it is truly very simple and you do it all the time when daydreaming or driving in a car, or bored at work or school.) When you are ready to move on let the sigil settle down and become just a few lines on a page, then move to the next one. When done mark your place and pick up the book to work again at another time. This is your grimoire or spell book of magical lore.
            Another interesting exercise you can do and I recommend was advocated by the online magician and artist BlueFluke. Go check him out! Is to imagine the sigil rise up off the page and become like an apparition that follows you around, always in the corner of your eye or behind you, FEELING it there. Know that is working for you and altering reality for you. When done open your grimoire to the page that holds the sigil and allow it to sink back into the image and become dormant. Another way to work with the sigil is to leave the spell book open to the page of the sigil and imagine it is active and glowing bright like a mini sun radiating its force out to you and the room. Of course you can place it on magical tools and talismans to do the same. Experiment, play, try new things with your sigils, explore and see what works.
            I must again address the issue, here specifically that sigils don’t need to be destroyed. Some will say I am wrong and speak on how these forces can get out of control or take a mind of their own. Much like a passing interest can become an obsession for whatever reason I agree this is possible. One way to contain this possibility is by having a robust system of all types of forces and powers. Work with all of them and not just a couple. In fact you should work more often with the ones that don’t really excite or call to you because those are the ones that are likely least developed within you. By taking time and developing each, working with each then a balance and harmony occurs in the total consciousness. Health and vitality surge through the body, creativity and inspiration are on tap, pleasure and enjoyment of all that life has to offer is a natural growth of the system.


  1. Thanks a lot for this!!!

  2. Excellent post! Sibilant/Chaos magic has never, ever worked for me, so I've been using more planetary magic because it does work, but this post has made me eager to give sigils another shot because you explained it very differently than how I did it in the past.

    Also, when is your next book coming out? Any chance you can tell us what it will be about?

    1. Awesome! Incorporate both systems together and it should be an easier time for you as well, since you obviously connect to planetary magic.
      Well, the third book was actually going to be pretty much what I wrote above lol just more detailed. The only other thing I have planned is a comic book series with a friend revolving around myth, magic and time.

    2. I hope you still do the book because I would gladly pay for that post in book format, especially if it's more detailed than this post.

      I wouldn't have thought to mix sigils with planetary magic before, but it sounds very intriguing! Also, my previous post was supposed to say Sigils/Chaos, but damn autocorrect ruined it!

    3. I was still planning on doing that with it being focused more on the tarot cards and minors. I have sigil for planetary forces and man, once you start working with them it is very cool!

    4. Hello Everybody here! :)

      I wanna ask(cause i dont know) what is planetary magick? How it is used,is there any link where its explained nicely? Could someone explain it? Thanks!

    5. Hi Mr. Mystery! I have to approve all comments due to some being quite spammy.
      Anyways, planetary magick is all about working with the forces and energies represented by the planets as seen in kabbalah/astrology/ and just in general occult philosophy. There are many websites and books that can explain the work in detail for you!

    6. OKay,thanks for the replay anyway!

      I wanna ask also about sigil magick - Are there any dangers? Also how is it with planetary magick - dangers?
      I wanna ask you,and people like you cause,you are live cantact,arent you? And live cantact is much more useful than books. Thanks!

      Also I see that this blog is with ''BG''ending,is there someone living in Bulgaria? Hoping for answers!

    7. A butter knife can be dangerous. It all depends on how you use it. A live contact is better than a book, however this being the comment section on a blog you are still getting a series of words to describe a practice, just as in a book. A book has everything written out, was thought through for months to even years and can go into great detail where a comment will not. I highly recommend research A.O. Spare and Frater U.D for insight into sigil magick. Especially Frater U.D. as his book on it is quite clear and easy to understand versus the writings of Spare which are a bit obtuse to a newcomer.

      As for the BG thing I have no clue what that is.

    8. Thanks for the answer again! Well,then I will read and try to learn from books,I hope Frater U.D is good reference,cause I have read Spare already,it was time ago,but Im not sure,I havent tried a sigil yet,cause Im little bit confused,may be scared,cause I dont know whats gonna happen. May be I have to risk,will see.

    9. Try a few sigils for things that are common place but slightly odd. Like finding 20 bucks or seeing a woman with a shaved head etc. That builds up your library of possibilities in your mind of what is possible. Think of weight lifting. You don't go for the heaviest weights and powerlift first time you walk in. You slowly build up, strengthen your muscles and maybe in time and with work you are the biggest badest guy in town!

    10. Simple,little things and thus gradation - good idea! Thanks!

    11. I have another question - do sigils work for you? What is the biggest matter when they were useful for your life,physical life,material life?
      It really brings me doubts,if this stuff works,and is so precious,why authors like Spare and so on and so on wrote books and - attention - SOLD them for some materials,in this case - money? Why they werent wealthy? And this can be pointed to all magic stuff,that question makes me disheartened. Thanks for all the answers that you give!

    12. Sigils definitely work for me. The reason so many famous magicians and non-famous mages aren't "rich" is because of a few factors. Many weren't trying to get rich for one. I am not. Another, you don't want riches, you want what riches bring. So doing magick for riches doesn't quite work (My friend has a funny story about this, where he sigilized for money and found some bonds not in his name, so he found money but couldn't use it!) Most people find success in sigilizing for what they actually truly desire. The next, magick has a strong influence on probability. All magick works, it's just the odds were greater than your magickal will could overcome. That is why you start small and work big, towards goals. You slowly shift probability more in your favor. So while you would be foolish to sigilize or do magick for the lotto and expect to win, you should be confident in one that gets you a better paying job, then to win favor with the higher ups, get a promotion and a raise, etc.
      You name a category and I jave successfully done a sigil for it. Small ones and big ones.

    13. Nice asnwer! But here e go again - what about... Erm..
      For example(tough one,at least for me)- coul sigils or magic cause weather to snow in the middle of summer season? It sounds crazy,and if i think further Im sure that more disheartening questins will come up to my mind. And something more - attention,how... how you dont pay anything for those things that bring you good possibilities? What gives you this right,how you earn this? Thats all seems to be for free! Its really confusing. And again(lastly) - what the hell is problem with the lottery? Why not? At the end - this is magick,and it sounds like you could gain anything through it.. Thanks for all the asnwers you give,and for the attention!

    14. Magick is under no obligation to follow your fantasy of it or the movies, or any fiction of it. Magick can do some really wild stuff, but usually it is when you allow or let it work for you. It works on probability, maybe you have such an incredible will that you can push the odds in your favor for the lotto, or snow in summer but probably not, but give it a shot! Most likely you could win some smaller game of chance and summon a cool breeze or rain. If you think magick will have you soaring the through the air and throwing lightning bolts that is a fantasy.

    15. So in conclusion - magic is limited,thats the case! And again - how it doesnt cost you anything? You make what you make - magick stuff,and you just get without giving a thing? Am I right? And one more time - can you give me some examples for dangers in the cases with sigils? Thanks a lot!

    16. Everything is limited. That is life. A nuclear explosion is limited as well.And where do you get it costs nothing? It takes time, effort, imagination, willpower. How about this kid. Go do it and find out for yourself. I won't keep telling you how a hammer and nail works and you keep asking without picking one up.

  3. Hi Justin!
    Its possible you do some tricks and tips for a better automatic writing with the HGA?

    1. Very simple! Take the above info and focus in on your target. Think and meditate on your link with the divine, what inspires you, motivates you, what is good within you, focus on that divine spark that propels you to do good. Think of your talents and positive personality traits. Think on a divine lover, think on a loving kind parent, a wise advisor. Sigilize this. Once you have the sigil follow the above steps and work with it!

  4. Isn't it easier to just use already established systems? Theres a book that uses the 72 names of god as sigils/mantram. Doesn't it save the time of having to associate sigils with forces as these have already been linked to angels, and forces of creation? Or am I wrong? Im assuming the creation of your own makes it more personal though.

    1. Yes it is! There are loads of sigils out there that can be used. I even mention it in this blog. Some people (especially magicians) are all about exploring, creating something unique and making their own individual way and system. One is not better than the other, it's taste, style and art. In fact I use both. Sometimes you can't find a spirit that is exactly what you want.

  5. Hey JB!
    Im always looking your newest projects in the blog and tublr.
    I see your sigil of psych powers, and put the hands on it!
    I have used the sigil in my energy work and in chackra power up (my method), and wait for results.
    So, in the next day I found a new energy work for claryvoyance, found a new book about psych power. In the afternoon Im reading the thoughs pattern in the persons around me.
    1 week after I use your sigil, my claryvoyance is 150% better, and some other abilities too.
    Your project is great my friend.

    1. That's great! Glad to hear of it!

  6. Great information,..Magician is mind reader as well,..
    halifax magician

  7. Hello, Justin. So, I have OCD. My mind is always full with obsessive thoughts, ideas that are unpleasant, possibilities that scare me. It's really hard to get rid of them, they are persistent. It's like there is a part of me that finds pleasure in sabotaging myself, in making me afraid. This prevents me from doing a lot, including regarding magic; it's hard to focus on an idea, to have control over my own mind. Do you have any practices you recommend? I've been doing thought control, but, for some reason, it's been hard to evolve lately. Thank you for your answer! (might have sent you the same question twice)

    1. Hey, sorry to hear about the OCD issue. My wife has had it all her life as well. Sadly, it can get worse with age. There is no practice or meditation that will help. You have a condition in which your neurotransmitters do not process or uptake the serotonin you produce, or you do not produce enough. Think of it as a vitamin deficiency. No meditation will provide the vitamin you are lacking.Paxil works well for my wife. She has tried getting off of it many times to see if she has "gotten better" but that does not happen. It is a life long condition and medication is the only answer. Visit your doctor and tell them what is going on. I wish I had a better answer but after 14 years with my wife and having tried everything else, along with my studies in psychology I can assure you it is not anything you did wrong or are doing wrong, it is just one of those things that goes along with residing in a meat suit. :)

    2. Well, even though it's not the answer I was hoping for, thank you anyway. I can manage to resist the compulsions when they are not so strong, but the anxiety is too much and, as it gets worse, the obsessive thoughts become more intense. I have taken medication in the past, but it always makes me feel kind of strange and "dislocated"; I guess I'll just try a different one this time and hope it works better! Oh, and I'm sorry for your wife; it's such an annoying condition.

    3. Let´s go man, take a little positive think. I have OCD too, and i know so bad is this, but i have worked with ho'oponopono and EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and his have works in my OCD. Sorry for the confusion in my text, i'm brazilian and english is a challenge for me. But, in resume EFT and ho'oponopono may can help you.

      It's not for you Justin, anon take this with love.

  8. hello do you provide services in magick?

    1. I do for friends or family at no cost. I do not for people I don'the have any bond or link to because there is no link to the target.

  9. Hi Justin, nice to meet you, I have been reading your expereinces and, as an student of bardon´s sistem, I fell motivated for your contribution for all of us, thanks man, I believe in you and I seeded some will. I want, to see by my own eyes the akastic reality. I started 2,5 years ago, I´m half of path but neve give up.

    1. Keep it up Guilherme! Did you know the ancients would cup their hands together and cover their eyes tightly, almost to the point of suction so no light could enter. They would open their eyes and look into the darkness the space between your palms and open eyes was the akasha. Try it out and see what happens!

  10. hi Justin,

    I really like your post for scrying upon a sigil, would it be a good idea to play magical music while scrying on low volume? I find it difficult to focus. Or would music distract the process?

    Thank you.

    1. Give it a shot! I find appropriate mood music is always a plus! Never be scared to try something out! You just may find ithat becomes your favorite method. A lot of "hunches" like this are your should guiding you to discover something. It could be music is a great addition but you find later this leads you to some better method, and on and on. Magic guides you in such ways if you let it!

    2. Proofreading is not something I do...should=soul.

  11. Hi Justin,hope you are doing great,please i want to know if charging a sigil with body fluids eg using blood,sperm,saliva will make the sigil powerful and make it works faster? As someone told me about the use of body fluids in seals/sigils..

    1. I find the orgasam and the release of tension is really what helps. I have personally never used blood so I can't say there. Sex magick works really well!

  12. I found your blog looking up some automatic drawing stuff, and its rad. Keep up the good work