Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What's going on?

Hello all!

So, for the past year or so I have been rolling the idea around of posting more. not just magic stuff but all sorts of stuff. Art, ideas, current magical workings, what I like, just my life in general which what else is a blog for. I never did it this way before because I just always assumed, "who wants to know every damn thing that flies through my mind." And I still believe that is true.

You may recall I had made a Tumblr recently and was posting art on it, albeit mostly magical some of it was just random fun stuff I wanted to draw. During a recent working on the Hanged Man card (it has lasted nearly 2 weeks now) I decided to then work on Mars for a couple days to balance it out. It was a really strong working (even had someone I work with mention I seemed like I was "On Fire") At the end of this working I had the constant impulse that I must truly sacrifice something important to me in order to have a rebirth of it in a new, more vibrant incarnation. I knew this was about my art. Let me go back a little further though.

A while back during my original working through the Enochian Aethyrs I constantly got the inspiration that I should blog or journalize more in some capacity. I was hesitant because again, I really don't feel people want to know the things I think and experience on a daily basis. I know the value of keeping a journal for magic. Sharing that has always been something I was against though. One reason is that me being a practitioner of magic I hold the Pillar of Silence seriously, and often feel this blog is by itself a blasphemy at times. I know it can be dangerous open up ones magical and mundane selves to the eyes of others (many of my friends and family do not know I am a magician, they know I am weird and some think I am a genius of some sort but they have no clue I speak with angels, gods and demons, any who have tried and somehow found my mundane persona on the net know this. Sorry guy who commented on my comics post and tried to friend me on a social media site, I can't take even a slight chance to let the magical people mingle with the mundane people, nothing personal!) That is why I thought it so odd that when I would do the skrying of the Aethyrs, one of the most personal and powerful workings I have done and have a near incessant inspiration to just do a daily blog. But I tried it a bit, dipping my toes in the water so to speak by doing my art blog on Tumblr. I knew I was not going to become some famous artist, or even be a barely known artist. It was a way of sharing some of what was in my head with the world. In some ways it was a kind of magic, trying to infect all of the minds out there with images and ideas from other realms, to spread some ideas about magic to the world. My ideas. Which really was the original spark of this blog. The idea that maybe, just maybe, if I can just get a few people to see how magic really works this world and magic itself will become just a bit better.

Now back to now. I knew my Telesmatic blog was something that needed to end for a few reasons. I sometimes have these odd compulsions built on the need to banish all that came before and build it up again. I don't try to curtail this impulse because it is a basic and useful force many times for me. It rages through me destroying all that is not strong enough to stand on its own. Like a miniature Darwinian force for my ideas, beliefs and practices. It can be cruel and cold but it has served me well more often than not, to make me better. The Mars working kicked it into overdrive big time. I also know how magical guidance works, something may seem insignificant at first but bloom into a life changing event later. So the push and pull of Silence vs sharing fought within me. Finally Mars pushed me the rest of the way last night. I personally wanted to be a bit more reclusive, to shy away a bit. Mars would have none of it.

As with all evolution, when something is cut down it makes way for some new life to take its position and have a chance to grow and become strong.

So, here it goes my lovelies. I will start sharing more often, daily possibly. I will however, leave this blog as it is now, more of a place to place my larger essays and dialogues on magic. I will share my daily thoughts, art, inspirations, advice, suggestions, workings and experiments on Tumblr.