Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Magical Exercises

These are in my opinion the distilled and perfected exercises of magic. I have been working with these ideas for almost a year now, slowly refining, experimenting and making them as succinct as possible. Start with the first and do your best to master it. Once you are good at it, move to the next. Repeat until you are good at all 10. Over time you will learn to deepen and perfect each exercises and get better and better at them. There is no "finish" or completion, only getting better.

1. Steady the body, soul and mind. Be still. To help in this tense the muscles in your body. Start with the legs, torso, arms, shoulders and neck, head, face, stick out your tongue and make faces. Focus as much as you can on the body sensations that arise. After you have tensed and released all your muscles reside in that relaxed state and just BE.

2.Feel your emotions within your soul (which is your astral body or energy body) as if each was like a star or a cloud in the sky. Experience, do not judge or change. Just let what is there be there within you. Catalog your experiences in a journal for later research. Each emotion or experience should be examined-what color-what temperature-what sensations-what is its shape? To pinpoint this experience think on what it is like to feel in love, or broken-hearted, or when you have a gut feeling. Those sensations occur in the astral body, and while they are more profound they are of the same nature of the energies and experiences you should be looking for.

3.Feel the light substance around and within you, like a flaming substance yet subtle. Try and sense the light with your eyes and imagination. See the light, feel the light and let it exist within and around you. See how far you can stretch out your awareness of this energy. See if you can change it with intention, will and imagination. Also, focus on each of the 7 chakras. Starting with the crown and going down imagine them blooming and opening. To do this clench your hands together as tight as you can, then when you can't hold it release your hands, memorize this experience and place that experience in the place of each chakra allowing the energy to flow and move as it will.

4. Draw up the densest energies, feelings and emotions that you feel upwards. Each one, one at a time draw it up through your being transmuting it, sending it upwards to the divine light above. Where your intention goes so does the energy. So once you have raised it up allow it to descend back down, remade into something higher and more pure.

5. With all your might and being be present within your energy field and raise up your entire energy towards the divine. Focus and imagine being present and before your highest conception of divinity. Remain in this state for as long as you can. When done slowly return to your body, bringing down that experience and absorbing it into every particle of your being. Soak in the divine light like a sponge soaks water.

6. In the presence of the divine light try and allow your being and energy to fill this space, release your "borders" and just be consciousness within the divine light. Cease to exist as you. There is only the divine light. Stay in this state for as long as you can, then again return to your body, as before infuse each particle with this divine light but now experience at the core of your being and within each chakra that the divine consciousness like a spark now resides there. It is a blend of the true you and the divine. Feel and experience the divine mind existing within you. Let it transform your ideas, your emotions, your personality. Become a temple in which the divine resides.

7. Send this divine energetic experience out into the universe, to all beings, to all things, to all minds. To the world, the the solar system, as far out as you can send it and infuse it into creation. Actually try and feel all things, sense them.

8. Slowly rise up physically in this state, move about, feel your energy and the energy fields around you. Experience the subtle life force, all around you as you move, see it, be one with it, move it with you. Try and bring this state into your daily activities and life more and more.

9. Let all things become alive and filled with the divine light you have drawn down, you shine like a sun filling creation with the divine light. See all things as alive and filled with spirit (study animism). Study and learn the various energies and forces within your life.

10. Begin calling spirits, elementals, angels and various divinities that you would like to work with or experience. Grow your ideas of consciousness and divinity. Develop your skills in feeling and working with the subtle force within all things. You can also begin working on raising Kundalini directly at this stage (you raised some early on but it was more gentle).

 Keep refining and perfecting these techniques and you will grow in every aspect of life and in magic!